Google Penguin Effects on your site?

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I've just notice a 67% drop in visitors since penguin was born. What is Google Penguin effect on your site?
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    yes , Google Penguin effect one of my clients. and we dont sure why.
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    I have seen mixed results across the board.

    Some of my clients have experienced major drops in rankings and traffic, however other clients have experienced some decent rises in both traffic and in Google rankings.

    The update is the start of a major overhaul which Google will continue to roll out for many months, it focuses on allowing websites which are not trying to game the system to rank highly, some without many links on onpage SEO at all, focusing more on visitor satisfaction signals.
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    Other sites that used to appear in page 3 of Google just instantly disappeared. I don't know how long Google Penguin's going to lurk around and slap websites out of Google but, hopefully, I'll be able to get my assigned site back on track.
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    I have seen almost no affect at all which I find quite weird in it's self.

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    I am not sure whether my website is facing any drop in visitors but my website's SERP is good. Several keywords are on the first page of google.
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    None of my sites as well as my clients site are effected
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    I Have only 30 visitors a day in a site which received over 1000 visitors a day and I am ruined
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    yes i daily decreasing visitor on my site see it what is the problem. i placed the url in signature.
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        I have the same problem.Can't find any answer.
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    I've noticed some shuffling on the SERP's page - my site actually went up one spot, but so did my major competition's. I had know idea though that there was a new release called Penguin - first Panda, then Penguin, what's next, Porcupine?
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      My best quality site disappeared from the first page. But one of my crap quality sites which I used to spam the sh** out of with SenukeX and fiverr gigs is now ranking on #11 for a highly competitive keyword.

      All comments are redundant at this point
      All you can do is all you can do - Art Williams
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    Traffic Improved on my main site and yesterday I noticed one of my hosting websites traffic went down..and I believe it's coz of ad layout I have big ad banner at the top and content starts below the fold...
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    Check out this article about it... Penguin Analysis: SEO Isn't Dead, But You Need to Act Smarter | Microsite Masters

    It's a great read, and based off of real data. It's a great analysis of where SEO is "today" and how to be smart about seo. (fyi - link building is still important, but you need to make sure you're doing it right). This article talks about all that, with data to back it up.


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    All these times I've been using (maybe) over optimized SEO on page and using BMD to boost my targeted keywords on SERP. Having read some of the warriors' opinion about how Penguin seems to dislike over optimized SEO on page, now I'm wondering if this & BMD are to blame on the drop of most of my targeted keywords on SERP.

    I used to rely much on BMD and it has proved to be able to boost the keywords into much better position in SERP in matters of 1-2 days! But now those used-to-be-high-positioned keywords have dropped to nearly 30 or more ranks down :-(

    Any idea about the use of BMD?

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    None of my clients websites have dropped but some of my personal ones have. Some up, some down, it's just the way of these things.
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    Fortunately I have seen an increase in my traffic because of this update. Great news for me.
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    Penguin update had no effect whatsoever on my sites... just like it never even happened. I was also in the process of booting up a new authority site based on a competitive kw (14600 local searches)... and it barely flinched when the update came, just kept on climbing. I count myself very lucky!

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    I've had sites that have dropped, sites that have risen because other sites have dropped and all sorts.

    Personally I think the sites that dropped were all because of the backlinks I built. The sites that rose are basically the same but I hadn't done any backlinks to them and fortunately they are both sitting on page one at moment.

    I did have a site drop to the last page about a week before the update and it's a bit strange as I haven't built any backlinks to that and that only seems to happen for me after building backlinks. It hasn't returned yet.

    I don't know whether it's me but usually when a site drops to the last page it normally comes back maybe a week or two later, but a couple of sites seem to be taking forever to come back. Maybe they are stuck there for good.
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    After Panda and Penguin update i am getting better ranking and traffic
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