Anyone positively affected by Penguin?

by Fking
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Ok most of the people are complaining about losing their ranks, but there should be people taking their places.
I guess since this is update targeting over-optimization/spam a lot of the new sites on page 1 are not ran by "active" webmasters like the most here but still there should be some people that can confirm gains after Penguin?

for me actually the drop down started since middle/late March when the unnatural link profiles notifications were sent and BMR deindexed, after April 24th just few sites lost ranks.
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    My sites actually have been going up since the update. It has been quite awesome! I don't really focus on generating traffic through Google. I focus on creating the best user experience I can and then I drive traffic through things like guest posting and article syndication.
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    Check out the SEO subforum- there are several warriors doing better since the updates.

    For every site that goes down- another goes up, right?
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      Originally Posted by Justin Stowe View Post

      Check out the SEO subforum- there are several warriors doing better since the updates.

      For every site that goes down- another goes up, right?
      yeah no blank 1st pages so far
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        Yes, very positively indeed, so far - with many different sites. I still can't quite believe it, to be honest. And am saying no more, for the moment, because it's too early to be certain. These things take time to settle.
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        Yes, all these Big G algorithm updates have done nothing but good for my sites. I have two WP blogs that I would describe as authority sites: I regularly and consistently add fresh content in the form of articles, images, a few videos, etc. and they have continued to do well.

        Having said that, I don't chase Google for traffic and ranking, it comes naturally from article syndication, guest blogging, etc.

        Those articles and guest blogs on very focused, high traffic websites are where the majority of my traffic comes from. Any SEO that also occurs is entirely a bonus.

        I also have a few smaller sites with much less content (at the moment). I haven't really seen much movement in any of them, neither up nor down.
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    My best sites - the ones that I've done only white hat, manual, ethical SEO on - have gone way down. My crap sites that I either haven't touched or hired someone who probably did sketchy link building for have actually gone up.

    Well done, Google.

    Are you a man under 5'8" tall? Might want to read this.

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    It's a mix, with no common sense.

    Clean sites: some gone up, some gone down.
    Lightly SEO's sites: some gone up, some gone down.
    Heavily SEO's sites: some gone up, some gone down.

    Can you see a pattern? Me neither.
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    I run a SEO firm and almost all of our clients saw major improvements. Interestingly enough, the ones that dropped where my sites where i tested vendors of lesser quality before using new link methods for my clients. I also had two clients that, when ranked well, still wanted me to build links and I think we went over the top on anchor text. They dropped too.
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    I saw a nice rise for the most part. Out of 44 sites 8 took a hit, 2 very badly, about 20 didn't move and the other 18 moved up. So a pretty nice win across the board.
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    Yes, so far, with each new update, my pages are getting to page one for more and more keywords.

    Even some pages I haven't worked on a lot got to page one for some keywords so then I started working on them again.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

    Guaranteed 60% Opt In Rate Traffic-Real People-Fresh Today-High Quality Biz Opp traffic![/URL]
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    Yep, my sites are ranking much better and visitors increased dramatically on a couple of my blogs.
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    Yes I Have Just Getting Some Traffic From Google With Doing SOme On Page Stuff
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    My site's traffic increase because of the update.
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    My sites that were high traffic have gone down and the ones that were low traffic have gone up. Not sure at this point where it will end.

    I am see some traffic coming back to my authority sites in the past day though but still down 60%
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    glad to hear that some people are doing good
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      One of our larger natural traffic sites got whacked from Panda but that site has been cleaned up and cut down but never really gained any traction. Over the past few days I have seen a continual increase in the SERPs. Too early to tell exactly how much traffic is up but it is significant.

      Simultaneously, I have a keyword domain that had been 2-7 in Google for 2 years, immediately at Penguin it went to 10 and is now at 24.

      That's my update.

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    Rather than just saying that your sites improved in the rankings, please tell us a little about what kind of SEO you do. This all seems completely random right now...

    Are you a man under 5'8" tall? Might want to read this.

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    Me too - A lot of my sites got a major boost in SERP's. Thank You Penguin

    However, the uphill task in my opinion, begins now -keeping those sites up there :O
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    All my sites except for one are up. The one that suffered isn't down too much but it's the one I spend least time on, is the thinest and, in honestly, has fairly lackluster content.

    Been meaning to give it a kick for a while but didn't get it done in time.
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    yeah seems that for a lot of people their weakest sites pre-penguin are doing better post-penguin.
    Cause they can't be over-optimized :>
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      I've been trying to rank for a few local real estate keyword phrases and been on page 18 a month ago then hung around page 10 for a while. I just checked today and my video is ranking in the top 3 pages for most of my keyword phrases and some of my blog pages are ranking in top 3 and my main squeeze page has moved up.

      I haven't hardly done any seo. I have a squeeze page with a blog and about 6 or so articles with my keyword phrases in title and h1. I submitted my site and all blog articles to all the search engines that are free recently and also social bookmarked my main page and only one page of my blog posts.

      In the google keyword tool all of the keyword phrases I'm going for are high competition so I think penguin actually helped my pages in the serps quite a bit.
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