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I've been doing a lot of research regarding the latest updates in G's algorithm and here are some suggestions with which I think might be of use to you. I'm just another student of seo and I'm probably wrong so don't take my word for it, ask around and do your own testing.

The latest update mostly have to do with off site seo - the type of backlinks built. Most sites that were devalued were sites that were over optimized in their backlinking. Two main observations are that:
  1. Most sites that were punished had more than 60% of anchor texts with their main keyword in it.
  2. Links to unrelated niche sites were devalued as well
I'm not sure it's 100% of everything that needs to be addressed but this is how I think you can penguin proof future sites:
  • Use less than 50% keyword anchor text links
  • Diversify the rest of your anchor texts - make sure that over 50% of your links contain anchor text that isn’t a keyword you are trying to rank for
  • Link only from related niche sites or create your own micro-site that is topic focused or
  • Create high quality blog network (group of micro-sites) that link back to site
Other ways to build and maintain a solid business online

These suggestions aren't neccessarily connected with the latest update but are worth thinking about if you want to stay in the game for the long term.
  • Stop using xrummer and scrapebox links, any crappy link for that matter. 1 link from a high pr site in a related niche is better than 10,000 crappy xrummer links. Never use on money site
  • Stop buying links
  • Build links by hand - this insures you'll choose your target site more carefully, forces you to consider ROI - not waste your comments/post as it will make you write something of value so that it doesn't get deleted but also encourages readers to click on your link which = targeted traffic. You'll also probably find sites that have n't been spammed to death as well
  • Use only orginal content on money site, make sure to use images and videos as well with proper title tags
  • Use only original or highly spun nested spintax LSI content on tier 1 properties (pumper sites)
  • Get your on-site seo in order
  • Remember to pass link juice within your site with internal linking
  • Diversify your link type eg, blog comments, press release, docs etc
  • Go white-hat. Study ways to drive traffic with viral marketing via youtube, social media, press releases, guest blogging, high quality comments, get creative - think offline as well, eg, print media
  • Think branding and authority- go to, find out which platform you can claim for your brand name and secure it. Use "rel=me" to let G know all these properties are related to you.
  • Up your social game - get engaged with your market. Twitter, youtube etc Leave comments, interact with other people in your niche
  • Think of how you can get real visitors to your site from other places on the web by leaving high quality comments, guest posts, forum posts
  • Provide value and high quality content on your site
  • Think marketing in the true sense not just building backlinks
  • Study the top ten in your niche and study their off-site and on-site seo , find out what they are doing right. Use
  • Think of different ways to drive traffic to your site without G
  • Learn copy writing
  • Learn to split test your copy and site layout for better conversions
  • Learn to test everything
  • Have a proper business plan with exit strategy and all
  • Build a list of subscribers
  • Think long your site like a real business
What do you guys think?
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    Great stuff. Thanks!
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      Personally, I think that this is just good advice in general.

      It's difficult to talk about how to "Penguin-Proof" your site when Google isn't going to tell you exactly what you need to do to evade their system and game their algorithm.

      But, you mentioned a lot about thinking long term and branding. Lots of people would be much better off if they thought this way. Pick something that you are passionate about, create some quality products in that space, build a list, nurture and care for that list (don't burn them with stupid offers) and grow your business to a point where it can survive with or without you.

      Also, of equal importance, don't count on Google for traffic. Consider any search engine traffic a BONUS, not a requirement or a goal. Use other methods, such as PPC, Banner Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Social Media Traffic, Article Traffic (original articles by you, not spun crap articles), YouTube Videos, Kindle Books, Print Books, etc.

      I'm currently taking MASSIVE action...

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    I agree with your observations. Good post.
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    definitely agree with brchap.

    What you've mentioned is more of a overall plan than something to stop the wrath of Google. Soon everyone will be talking about how to combat the Porcupine or Possum update!

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    Insightful info right here, everybody should do this.
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    Good SEO hasn't changed, build quality content and quality links....if it's too easy or too cheap it probably won't work...same goes for a lot of things...
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      @ nblake
      I second that.
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    Thanks for your hard work. This information is really useful. One of my site got hit by penguin also.
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    Thats Good STuff! Thanks For The Lovely Piece Of Information!
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