My website is completely disappear from google

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my website completely disappear from google for all of my keywords. If the domain is blacklisted then please tell me what i do now. I am sure this not happen because of the penguin update. It happen on 4/5/2012.
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    You are still indexed just penalized.

    Find out what you did wrong and fix it.
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    Do you have a google analytics account? Did you get an email from them?
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    I see that your domain was created by April 17, 2012 so your domain is less then a month old you have to keep in mind that brand new domain can get slap pretty fast especially if you overdo link building to brand new domain,trying to rank for some competitive term with new domain forget about it, it would take you a months if not more then a year just to get onto first page, the best thing I can recommend you is to go after High PR expiring domain that are 5+ year old you would have much better results..also regarding your site disappear from Google you should look up into Google webmaster tool and see if anything went wrong you should get a message if you don't have Google webmaster installed go head and do so then find out what is the problem ...all the best...
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    I don't know your site is either Not indexed on Google yet or Google did blacklisted your site for the reason one or other

    as you see when I typed your site is Not showing on Google so it's mean your site is not yet indexed but you said that site disappear from Google for all keywords, so it mean if truth what you said... it was ranked for some kw then gone, it's mean Google deindex your site for the reason, but you said you haven't receive any message in webmaster tool because if they penalized a site they will inform you in webmaster tool, the only way I see it could be manual action against your site,usually they do manual review for sites that are ranked into top 5 spot ....also I see that your question that you ask on this thread just pop-up onto first page when I typed your URL

    I see that your site has only a few backlinks it's showing one Bookmark link so if your site has only a few bookmarks probably is not indexed yet but you said your site drop the ranking from google for all kw so for what kw your site was ranked and which page ??? your site is about "bank jobs India" I don't see you could rank onto first page for kw "bank jobs India" with brand new domain, kw in quotes has About 17,100,000 results, if you did rank onto first page then how ? I see your domain has only couple of backlinks, even if Google De-index site still backlinks will show I used other backlinks tools to check your Domain links it show only a few backlinks, so if you rank high I don't know for what kw you was rank as your site is not optimized for any term you don't have any ON page only posts your domain is only 18 days old.....
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    Sorry to hear this.

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      Your site has not been de-indexed
      Since your site is still indexed it's demise in the rankings is most likely a penalty of some kind.. Bad backlinks may be a possibility.. Or it may simply have been demoted due to poor SEO.... Look hard at your onpage SEO.. I think you could improve it..

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    Remember, the Google Dance of sandbox is NOT a punishment for building too many backlinks.

    Just remember these few points:

    **Google sandbox is NOT a punishment and is not a result of building too many backlinks
    **If your site is in the sandbox, do not freak out. Instead, continue with your link building efforts
    **However, if your site does not provide any real content or value and is a spam site, you should probably work on your on-site content first before building more backlinks.

    If you’re still skeptical, do your OWN testing. Else, it’s fine if you don’t believe as we’ll have one less competitor.
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