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Is it ok to blast links from unrelated sites to web 2.0 sites (that link to my site) without any penalites? What would happen of I put a sig link from this forum to one of my web 2.0 properties which is totally unrelated to IM?

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    This is no harm in linking to sites not related to your niche..

    Forget the misconception and myth, just ensure the links are good links with pr and you will be fine.
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    Even, unrelated links (White hat methods) work for money sites too. Anyway, such unrelated links do not carry much value as related links.

    Anyway, for your case, you can get many unrelated links for your web 2.0 sites to make them index.
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    You can build unrelated backlinks... However, contextual backlinks are better for SERPs.
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    Wow, 1 warrior haven't replied with "You must get links from related sites only" yet...
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    It's perfectly okay for sites not in your niche to link to your website

    It's always good to get links on other sites in your niche as well but thats mainly for highly targeted traffic clicking on the link
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    Niche related links are good for traffic. Other than that there's no difference. (This has always been my experience.)
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    As mentioned previously, related links are better. But unrelated links are good too.
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    You are talking about tier 2 linking and no relevance doesn't matter. Heres a quick explanation I posted on my forum.

    2nd tier relevance doesn't really matter at all. Lets say I got a link to my Veterinary Education site from because they were selling computer software about Veterinary Education made by my website (all completely hypothetical btw). That link would still be insanely powerful even though there are probably no backlinks linking to dealing with Veterinary Education. I don't ever see this policy of backlink analysis changing. So I can't imagine 2nd tier relevance ever being a real factor.
    On top of that tiered linking is a great way to avoid penalties. As with anything though post Penguin, don't overdue it. You won't get your money site penalized, but you might get your web 2.0's penalized, hence devaluing a lot of their link power going to your money site.
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    Moving forward with Penguin, and future algorithm updates, it is important to have some links from relevant websites.

    Although not all links need to come from relevant websites at all! My recommendation at this point is to have 10% or so come from relevant sites. This can easily be accomplished through guest posting.

    More important these days are that you have NATURAL anchor text backlinks. Don't have all of your backlinks that point to your site utilize the same anchor text. Include things like click here,, and other variations.
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    I do not think that it works, now google is giving importance to relevancy that you can get through quality content.
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    High PR relevant links play a role post Penguin , earlier non-relevant links were working well. Now I have a feeling that Penguin algo update is giving some importance to relevancy. Also its very important to vary your anchor texts.
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    I am amazed at some of the opinions here.

    They may have been sound before penguin, buy guys you need to realise that things have and are changing!

    I know from bitter experience.
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    Well, I don't know exactly if unrelated sites linked to your website is bad but what I do is think of sites that's almost as close as my niche. For example, when I blog comment on .edu websites, I make sure that these schools are tech schools since mine was about phones. Still, the site doesn't actually co-relate with the services that the site I optimized has to offer.

    Just make sure when you link back to unrelated sites, they have big PR or PR's that are greater than your site's PR (if you already have one).
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