Is the spin article ok for backlinks?

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A friend told me that it is ok for me to use spin articles for backlinks.
I want to use tbs spin articles for web2.0 sites, do you think it is ok now?
Anybody here have experien for that?
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    Well - interesting replies here.

    The little I know - spinning if done with the human touch (you know what I mean if you are using The Best Spinner) is perfectly fine for Web 2.0 Link Pyramids and Link Wheels.

    I have sites ranking well even after Google's update which means I obviously am not speaking without proof.
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    absolutely not if you wanna play safe with Google advice is to go slow with your backlinking strategy ..write quality content or you could hire a good content writer..remember its gonna take a bit longer to reach where you intend to reach but its gonna be a sustainable growth...a one that gonna keep you, your future customers & Google happy...
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      Not at all. Such kind of content is not fine whether you are posting it in web 2.0 sites or in article directories. First of all they will not accept this content. They will show you a message ( your content is created by automated software ) when you are going to post this content.

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    i use spinned articles and they work fine
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    You believe anything what Matt C. tells you, right?

    Including how "important" quality content ist (which it obviously is not since Penguin has only to do with links - and SERPs clearly show that crap quality is ranking)...and the only indication in regards to spun content was ONE SINGLE screen shot on Matt Cutt's blog showing an extreme example of an extremely bad spun article with non relevant links in it.

    I have SEO clients which use spun articles (quality spun articles) for 100s of their clients and they still work.

    If you say "spun articles wont work anymore" you not only disregard the fact that not any spun article has to look like crap..and you are simply making a general assumption based on nothing else than the screenshot on Matt C's blog.

    It's "funny" how so many "experts" come out of the woods after each Google update and claim to have some insider knowledge and then making generalizations....
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    Use what ever you want, because after the penguin all White hat strategies has been failed. I have seen many blogs on top #1 with garbage contents.
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    It is definitely ok to spin articles. But its not ok to just run an autospin on your articles. For any SEO you do, you should make sure your promotional content is readable and can pass a human review. If anybody is still using software to automatically collect content from random article networks and slap them together in one article then spin them, you are wasting your time and hard earned money. I assure you that the process is pointless.

    You will see a lot more bang for your buck by doing this the right way. Write a decent article, spin it by hand, then submit it to whatever sources you want to.
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      Spining of article is ok for backinks but spinning an article for many number of times is not good.
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    Chronic IM is right, it does take a lot of patience with backlinking. But it is way greater than articles spinning. The danger of spinning articles lie on the vulnerability of articles submission websites or article directories. They have been hit hard by the penguin update, even harder than the conventional backlinking strategies that just turned out obsolete.

    While new backlinking strategies have emerged and have proven to be safe from Google Penguin, article directories have yet to verify if they are still needed by SEO.
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    Spun articles are a thing of the past, don't waste your time with that junk. Just create new unique quality articles.
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    Its not good to use spun articles.But you can use spun article for web2.0 to build links.
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