Is Twitter a good source of traffic?

by dalc
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If I were to have a twitter account with a lot of followers, would it be a good source of traffic to my website or affiliate links? Do people click on twitter links?
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    If they're legit followers and you keep them engaged then yes, otherwise twitter is a good source of social link juice for seo benefits...
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    Yes, twitter can help you to derive huge traffic on your website and you can use different kind of tactics on twitter to get well or quality traffic on your website. Many people use twitter for more traffic because you can get numberless audience on twitter website.
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    I had got some traffic from digg and stumbleupon before but never get any traffic from twitter =(
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    If your business is B2B, I think LinkedIn is a better one. I got traffic from Facebook and LinkedIn everyday, but no from twitter.

    Does anyone have good tips for marketing on twitter?
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    It really helpful, through twitter you can get quality traffic. It provides a platform where you can share beneficial information regarding your product or services and your followers share their opinion, provide instant feedback and if they found it useful then obviously click on your shared link.
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    It's not in the numbers of followers, it is in the engagement, the communication. It is "social media" for a reason - there are people out there, and you need to talk to them if you want to have any attention received from Thwather.
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    Maybe Twitter can help your website traffic......Well...If there are many people click on your twitter links...Good luck!!!
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    To tell the truth twitter is the social media site that brings the less traffic to my blog eventhought I have around 3400 followers, facebook, Linkedin and now pinterest are way better sites to get traffic...
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    Get good targeted follows, give them something every now and then and make sure you are interacting with them
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    Indeed twitter is the effective website for traffic but sometime its gives you bounce rate also. You need to Tweet something special like breaking news or other stuff
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    ya sure, twitter is the most popular social networking site and its really the great source of website traffic
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    Yes, Twitter is one of the best source for driving quality traffic towards the website.

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    Twitter account with best followers gives better traffic to the website .
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    Twitter is a good source of traffic but only if you have built up a good targeted followers list based on the site you want to drive traffic to. You'll find that just by trying to add anyone and everyone, your direct traffic to the site you promote will be worthless in the end.

    Twitter is all about targeted traffic with targeted followers.
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    I just learned a new buzz word right now: Social Media Optimization. I will look more into that.

    It's funny how I posted a similar question on the Ad Network section of this site and everyone was saying don't even bother because Twitter is a waste of time.

    Now I understand Twitter can be worthwhile if I do it correctly. But most importantly, I have discovered there is something called "social media optimization"!
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    Bear in mind that Twitter visitors tend to fly in to see a single page and then bounce out again. But if they like what they see they'll often retweet the link.
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      What is up with all these comments

      "Yes twitter is good, i use get much traffics"

      I know English isn't everyone first language but don't post if you don't have anything useful to say.

      Twitter is actually toward the bottom in my opinion on ways to drive traffic to a site. It takes a lot of time to get an active following and the click through rate on your links is very low. Most people get below 10% on any link they post simply because everything on Twitter moves so fast.

      With that said, if you have an authority site Twitter is a great place to network and get connected within your niche. Meet the other players and get them to promote your posts. That is where the traffic comes in.
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        Yes, I believe it is. Personally, I kind of prefer it over Facebook. Things seem to move a lot faster on Twitter.

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        • Twitter is a powerful marketing tool and an excellent source of traffic. You can use Twitter to connect with potential customers, promote your products, and increase brand recognition. You can also launch contests and offer incentives to your followers in order to get steady traffic and obtain backlinks.
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    I guess so but of course your followers should be the real ones or else you won't get the amount of traffic you want to get.
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    I think so.
    But it's better to post good contents and attractive.
    Followers are an important part for traffic.
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      Yes, Twitter is a good source of traffic because it is one of the best social networking websites in the world
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    If you share some informative posts, interesting contents etc., then you can attract traffic from twitter. And your followers base must be related to your targeted niche

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    I don't see much love from twitter, but facebook does pretty well.

    Adonis Ronquillo - Photographer, Designer, Developer

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    I get traffic from Twitter, but much less than I would have expected. Still it's a good place for backlinks. It doesn't take much time to set up an RSS feed to post your blog links automatically. However, if I had to post the links manually, I probably wouldn't even bother for the amount of traffic I get per link.
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    Good tip - thank you
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    Twitter is great for targeted traffic but remember not to spam your followers - keep it relevant and keep it interesting so they follow/tweet etc
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    Well, I haven't had success with Twitter, I depend on search engine traffic as traffic from search engines is targeted traffic to my website.

    Instead of getting Twitter traffic I would like to get traffic from forums, article directories, these kind of traffic is relevant traffic to the website as you are getting traffic by providing content.
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    yes i agree with you twitter is a good traffic source. i also have lots of follower they give me lots of traffic.
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