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ok my site use all text to link between pages,no fancy buttons just hyperlinked text. My links are like this say on my site the item to buy is "blue widgets" the url is http://mysite.com/bluewidgets and all my keywords are a variation of blue widgets when backlinking and the backlink url is http://mysite.com/bluewidgets.

Now iv been reading about www urls and the first place competitor has www in all his links on his site. Does it make a difference?should i change mine and will it affect the backlinks i have created?
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    No it does not make a difference.

    You only need to pick one and stick with it. Google may view the www and non-www version of your site, as two different domains. So changing back and forth can negatively affect your rankings and create duplicate content within your TLD.

    So best practise is to pick one, and do a 301 redirect of the other one to the one you picked. Wordpress does it by default.

    If you find that your site has been accessible via both versions for some time, then you need figure out which version has the most backlinks pointing to it and use that alone by "301'ing" the other one.

    Likewise, all your internal links should point to one version.
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    I've thought about this...

    if the first competitor uses www. then you should do it without.

    Almost everybody uses www. in front of their domain, so you can stand out by not using it!
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