What Happened to my Website?

by GoogleWarrior 11 replies
What happened to my website?

My site used to be on the first page of Google near the top usually hovering around the number three spot. It stayed there for months... I was getting over a thousand visitors a month.

Then, it just disappeared off Google!

What happened and when will it return?
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    With the information you have (not) provided, it could literally be anything. A slap, maybe a Google dance, or an alien abduction.

    You're going to need to give more details, preferably in the right section.
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    If possible, share your url.
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    It could be anything. But if you can't find it in Google even when you search for the domain name, then it was deindexed.
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    also check your statistics... did your backlink count jump or drop? I had a site completely disappear a couple of days ago due to negative seo, backlinks jumped from around 1300 to 8000. Check to see if anything is out of the ordinary.

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    Which backlinking strategy did you use?
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      You're the "googlewarrior" - don't you know?

      No idea, but I think I just saw an iceberg float by....

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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        Try to mix product reviews with some other information or how-to type of articles (without any affiliate links) on your site. Hope this may improve your site ranking.
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    Come on? Is this a joke?
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    How it could be? Type site:your-url check it, is it showing anything?
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    What do you mean by"disappeared off Google" ? Deindexed ?
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    What I mean is:
    That before it was ranked on the first page for the keyword "ESL CLASSROOM GAMES."

    Now...it is not on the first page, or the second, or the third or on any page number.

    And when I enter the url ESL CLASSROOM GAMES | ESL Classroom Games will MAKE YOU MONEY! it is still there...but I just cant find it where it used to be....HELP! What happened.

    And how can I get it back?

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    Google Warrior

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