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Hello All,

How many keywords are you allowed per page without getting penalized?

All my sites are dropping PR.

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    It depends on your content.

    For the page of an article with hundreds of words, it's not easy to reach the keyword destiny of 2-3%. Generally, one keyword per 100 words is already enough. Then be careful with the diversity of the keywords.
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    I'd say 2-3 is too much already to be honest. It sounds unnatural. Google human reviewers are trained to spot these sites and, especially after the Penguin update have become even more full of ****.

    Use your keywords on the title, headers, 1st and last sentence. That's enough.
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    I depends on the lenght of the keyword.

    If you have the keyword 'how to make money online' you should only use that as your title.

    The title is the most important by the way.

    If you have a shorter keyword, for example 'make money' you can use it more in you article because that would look natural.

    In fact, it is really hard to not use it 1 or 2% of the time.

    But in general, putting extra keywords in, can sometimes hurt you more than gives you better ranking.
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    I would rather think of how the people will think of my content rather than worrying too much about the amount of keywords I can put on a single page or content. The thing here is that the keywords are supposed to be used as some sort of a "distinguishing" phrase that would make it unique from all of the other pages on your site. It's not supposed to be something that's recurring.
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    It should not more than 4% per page.Keyword stuffing is one kind of spam in google penguin.
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      Keep it under 4%, but keep in mind if the article is on your main site and not link bait, then the most important thing for sure, is how it reads...
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        Keyword stuffing means having a number of repetitive keywords on a web page. One must have to put valuable content on web page of a website as compare to repeat same keywords again and again. keyword density on a web page should not be excessive. Its a big cause of worst ranking performance of website.

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    There is nothing defines about the keywords. But my strategy is to use one primary keyword and 4-5 secondary keyword on one page (depending on the content of the page)

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    As many as you can have on each page is good. But remember, your website is suppose to be a sales letter too. Make sure the grammar sounds good without repeating keyword after keyword. Too many can turn your customer away because you are not remembering how to make the sales.
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    Originally Posted by wrhollon View Post

    How many keywords are you allowed per page without getting penalized?
    Write for the people reading your content and forget about the google bots, the percentage problem will take care of itself.

    All my sites are dropping PR.
    somewhat of a random statement

    "The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool" - Richard Feynman

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    First of all you shall write content for Visitors not for Search Engines and the good density can be 2% or lesser to be on safe side.
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    Anyways There is no nay proper answer but stiall we are using upto 4% densitty of each keywords one one page and rest all are depend upon site content.
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