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Hi is it worth using there service for back links.

I've published plenty of articles with them but today one got rejected and the reviewer said stuff along the lines of my link site should not have exit pop ups, should be relevant, should not have excessive ads.

I can't believe it, for starters I hate popups and have none, never have done never will, my content is not only unique but both relevant talking about the same topic and provides real value to whoever reads it as it helps people who have been treated badly. And all my sites have the same ad layout which have been previously approved no problems.

Nothing more annoying then lack of consistency in approvals. Just wondering how other peoples experience with them has been. They take a while to approve your article as well. Do you recommend using them or using different article directories?
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    As your one article was disapproved from several articles so ignore it, it happens occasionally, it may be somewhere your fault of EzineArticle's fault.
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    Send them an email. I have done this in the past and they are great at helping you get articles submitted. As far as a great service for backlinks, I think so. It's a PR 6 so I submit all of my articles to them of course after I post them on my sites first.
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    Try using Article Snatch, PR 5 and seem to approve articles much quicker and with minimal fuss.
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    I also use, amongst others - Articlebase - PR6, Sooper Articles - PR4, Popular Articles - PR4 and Idea Marketers also PR4. All these quick acceptance, again with minimal fuss.
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    You can send EZA a mail, they often respond in a timely manner and are very helpful in times of providing solutions to problem articles. For traffic 99% of articles directories are useless since the first google panda update because they all lost their rankings. And for back links, you should know that any article directory you publish your content on lands on a new page with zero page rank, it doesn't matter if the directory is pr9, your backlink will come from a pr0 page and not the home page page rank.
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    here is a powerful guide to get ezine articles approved!!

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    I've just looked back over two previously accepted ezine articles and one has now got a pr2 and the other a pr1.

    I've realised that the reason they are useful is because you don't just get a backlink, you get a backlink from an article that has relevant content to your site. So you can publish a dog training article and link it to your dog training site.

    Just wondering do page ranks get updated periodically by google and do they go up faster with ezine. I'm all for doing manual article directory submissions. We should get a definitive list of good article sites to submit articles to. I've emailed ezine for this article not had a reply as yet fingers crossed!

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    Does having multiple articles from one article site really help? I was under the impression that it is better to submit your articles to a wide variety of article sites for the best link juice instead of just one.

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    Ezine is a pain to deal with and it doesn't hold the weight it used to. There are plenty of other article directories out there as well.
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    I would suggest you send them over an email and ask them exactly how you can fix the issue.

    It's sad but sometimes it all depends which staff is assigned to your case. Sometimes you can have a sweetheart and others times you can have a jerk.

    Hopefully, you get someone who is willing to work with you. From what I know though, once they reject an article, it is MIGHTY tough to get them to accept it again.

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    Your articles are managed by our proprietary management software, designed to give you maximum exposure to our loyal audience of hundreds of thousands of daily visitors and our email newsletter publisher audience who EACH have thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of email list members of their own.
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    I guess, you had been rejected once, it is better to ignore it, may be a fault from EZA. It is better to publish that article somewhere else like ArticleRich.com or GoArticles.com and get a Quality backlink.
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      Ezine article message services will help you really to solve your article problems from issues.. I am also submitted 4 article from the period of may 1st - still this time.. i have got approved only one article with issues.. First they show a notification like general issues, then i have text a message to ezine services, like What are issues from my article, then they will send me clear issues to solve the problem from that article..

      After i have clear the issues from the ezine solutions, then got approved from ezine.
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    you have two options one is to mail them about this how to fix it or second is publish it in another site.
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    You can contact the administrator of that site by writing an mail or if you are interested in some other article sites then post it at articlesbase, articlessnatch.
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      In the light of recent algorithm updates and the spate of WMT unnatural link warning messages, is it wise to be back linking from article sites still?
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