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I want to know about bidding trademarked keywords in my website to SEO ranking in the search results and attract lot of traffic.

Is this contrary to Google and the trademark owner, or not?

For more clarification:

If I used general keywords not considered trademarks, and I wrote unique articles in my website with these general keywords, this will lead to writing general articles based on these normal keywords because they are general keywords, and perhaps I rank high in search engines according to these general keywords, but the visitors aren't interested in these articles because those visitors stay few seconds on the site because these articles are general information and does not provide a real benefit for visitors and all its benefit is developing the knowledge only.

Example of the general keyword (football in Germany) and an example of articles (the history of football in Germany) (famous footballers in Germany) (football clubs in Germany)..... Etc.

It is noticeable here that this kind of articles does not attract many visitors because they are general information and developing the knowledge only.

But on the other hand, if I targeted trademarked keywords and wrote unique and useful articles in my website according to these trademarked keywords, this will lead to writing useful articles about the niche of these trademarked keywords and contribute to solving the problems of visitors in this niche.

Example of trademarked keywords (Windows 7 explanations) (advantages of Windows 7) and an example of articles (Windows 7 Overview) (How to install windows 7) (method to system recovery in windows 7) (How to encrypt your files in windows 7)..... Etc.

It is noticeable in this type of articles that it attracts many visitors because it is useful and helpful information, Because Many of people are searching every day for such information to help solving their problems, some of these examples are searching in Google for how to upload video on YouTube, how to register on Facebook and how to install applications on Nokia 200..... Etc.

It is noticeable that the (YouTube) (Facebook) (Nokia 200) are trademarked keywords

The reason why I wrote this thread and made me hesitate in targeting trademarked keywords that I was a member in Hostgator affiliate program which from time to time they send notices to affiliate members tell them not to targeting its own brand in their activities, whether the word alone or with other words.

This is part of one of their messages:

"We are prohibiting any trademark / brand name and trademark / brand name + bidding (I.e. HostGator Coupons). On PPC search engines.

It is strange that the brand (HostGator) are existing in Google adwords alone and with other words and it have monthly search and competition rate and price-per-click, so why they prohibited targeting this keyword?
So I was afraid that there is a similar issue with the owners of the trademarked keywords related to my website's niche and I liked to targeting it by writing unique and useful articles for visitors which contribute to solving their problems related to the niche of these trademarked keywords as well as marketing the products of the owners of these trademarks in my website.

There are many brands which have data in Google adwords which made me likely think that it's allowed to targeting these trademarked keywords on websites and any place, whether with article writing or affiliate marketing, but I wanted to make sure of this from you and knowing the experts' opinions and advice in this issue.

The only activity that I do in my website regarding trademarked keywords is placing them in the article body as anchor text with external link to a web page relevant to it.

Note that my website articles are general information because it's targeting general keywords (i.e., specified keywords not brands)

Example of my website activity regarding trademarked keywords:
The general keyword (computer operating systems) article (types of computer operating systems) and contains the phrase: (the most famous operating system is Windows 7, which was produced by Microsoft) and I make the word Microsoft (trademark) as anchor text with link to Microsoft website or to Microsoft page in Wikipedia for more information for the visitors.

I may saw some websites ranking well in the search engines in some trademarked keywords which they not own, but it's necessary to make sure of this and find out what allowed and not allowed in this issue, because Google and others make updates and changes constantly.

I'm waiting for your help and if there is an unclear point I am ready to clarify it as well as if there was something wrong in my information I hope you will correct me.

Best Regards with lots of thanks
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    You are allowed to write articles about Trademarked names - there's absolutely no problem with that in terms of the law or Google.

    If you register a domain name using someone else's trademark, then that's a different story. In this case the trademark owner effectively owns your domain and can shut you down at any time. Some trademark owners don't seem to mind, and some do, but you can never be sure what will happen if the site becomes a success.

    This space will be awarded to the first WSO owner who can prove they make Million$ from their methods.

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    buddy!! you need to read this first... Google trademark.

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      Thanks guys for reply

      You mean that as I'm a publisher and not advertiser, I'm allowed to target trademarked keywords in the articles only (article: description - main title - sub-titles - keyword density)

      It should be allowed as thus I help trademarks owners to spread their products and services

      But not allowed to target them in the domain name and meta data and site description and even site categories names and descriptions

      Is this correct?

      Awaiting for more details

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    You can certainly write about trademark, just make sure your domain name does not contain any trademark.
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      Thanks for your help

      I will go forward now with it

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    Hey. I actually had an issue with trademarks and domain names and wrote a blog post about it.

    Cease and Desist – Choosing Brand Name Domain Names

    Hope it helps

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    • Profile picture of the author Ahmadjuhany
      Thanks Omar, your article is very helpful

      but what about embedding the trademark on the site description and meta data and categories descriptions and names?
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