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well let's say i make a video and i upload it on Youtube. how can i rank that video? thanks
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    thanks for your reply
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    Youtube Ranking Optimization is definitely in its infancy and I have yet to see a comprehensive resource on the subject.

    Here’s what I’ve learned about youtube ranking optimization (Youtube SEO) or ranking higher on youtube itself:

    The youtube search engine uses three basic items to initially rank your video:

    • The title of your video
    • The description of your video
    • The tags that you assign to your video
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    One of my competitors actually has a one month old youtube video that has a higher ranking video than the site I'm optimizing! Lol
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    Build links to your youtube video :-)

    remember to vary the anchor text :-)

    I dont reckon you you can hurt a youtube channel with spam links...... hmmmmm something for me to test i think :-)
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    Originally Posted by stefistef View Post

    well let's say i make a video and i upload it on Youtube. how can i rank that video? thanks

    The title, description and the tags are very important for video optimization but a trick that you can use which can help you get more views, rank better on youtube and google and at the same time make your video appearing on many relevant videos is to make a video response with your video on a popular video on your niche, if you find a really popular video and with a video response make your video appearing bellow this video, you can get great results...
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    Yes, keyword is the important part of your video.
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    Title is the most important thing in video optimization, assign tags carefully related to your video and add well written description.
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      thanks for your replies
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    Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

    The most important thing is to have your keyword in the title. If you choose a long tail then you don't actually need to do anything else and your video will probably hit Google page one.

    If you want to rank inside YouTube, you need to accumulate views. There are other factors but views is still the most important.

    Tags are probably the next most important thing.
    I would add one more thing to what everyone else said. Make sure to name your video files with your targeted keyword.

    For example, if you are targeting the keyword "iphone" make sure you name your video "apple-iphone.flv" or "apple-iphone-4s.flv"

    The reason I put flv is in case your videos are in flash format but if they are not, it's not a problem, just make sure to have the targeted keyword as the file name before you upload the video to YouTube as they also rank videos using the file name for relevancy.

    Here are a couple of other links that can help you optimize your videos for YouTube:

    How to Optimize Your Videos for SEO - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

    YouTube Video Optimization from A to Z | Search Engine Journal

    YouTube Keyword Tool and Video Optimization Techniques - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

    Social Media Examiner: Social media marketing how to, research, case studies, news and more! also has a lot of great tips on YouTube videos.

    Hope this helps.
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      i want to make a youtube video for a song of Lady Gaga or Rihanna, do i need to optimize it or just to add tags from other videos? thanks
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    share video on social media websites, specially on Google+ and orkut because they are owned by Google and get some +1s in Google+ with that video, it will generate some views and some likes also
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    remember that IN SITE links are worth a lot too... and they are SUPER easy to get...

    just post a friendly comment on all the RELEVANT youtube channel pages you can ... each one creates a link to you

    I'm a writer for Forbes and Fast Company.
    Also, I did this: My deepest darkest SEO SECRETS --- https://youtu.be/vl3tswPLJWM

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    Ranking a youtube video must involve -
    *video optimization that includes correct keywords in title, description and metatags of a video

    *most importantly, more the number of video views, good rank it draw out

    *some other factors are comments(that obviously rises with number of views), number of shares, age of a video and inbound links.
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    As everyone here mentioned, your keyword must be in the title and description of the video. Also try to share your video through social networks, to get some traffic.
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    You can optimize the description of your video buy putting some targeted keywords, you can also do link building it helps in SEO, of course.

    three great FREE tools - www.sitebeak.com, www.GAtective.com and www.impersonal.me

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