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I used to use

Free Keyword Density Analyzer Tool

today, it give some strange results for one of my websites so I check another one

Keyword Density Tool

The funny thing is that the two tools give a totally different result. I just check

Weight loss - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

using both tools. Even the number of occurrence of the keyword weight loss is different, 70 vs 56...

But, the one with 56 times of occurrence gives a higher density % (3.65%)
while the one with 70 times of occurrence gives a lower density % (2.13%)

Really don't know which tool is better / more accurate.

For my own website, I used the seobook one and make the keyword density 1.9%. Now, I check may page on the seocentro one and it gives 0.7% for the same keyword. I am really confused here....
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    Write normal, stop wasting time with keyword stuffing/density.
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    Keyword density is pretty irrelevant unless you've got some ridiculously unnatural numbers.

    It's all about the money...

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    i suggest you that you just check using manually style. You just search the keywords on google site and check the page and your keyword/site position.
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    It is not a good to do this. Just in some normal ways.
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    Like yukon said, just write good, natural content. The concept of 'keyword density' is largely irrelevant nowadays and has been for a while anyway.
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  • I think that you just check it yourself only.
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    you can use dupe free pro (free software) if you are so concerned about keyword density and dupe contents. the sofware is awesome!
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    I have been doing seo for 3 years. Never care about keyword density, still able to rank successfully most of the time.

    I agree with above posters do not pay much attention to keyword density specially avoid keyword stuffing. It may harm your seo campaign.

    Just add the keyword once it title.

    Coming Soon!

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    Write normal, stop wasting time with keyword stuffing/density.
    that's what i do after the recent penguin update better focus and quality
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  • I use search status addons, It shows very well. You can also try it.
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