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Hey Warriors. I wanted to run this scenario through you all specialized in SEO work, for your thoughts and suggestions as to what I could do.

Here's the scenario: I am trying to figure out the best way to rank other pages of my website (aside from the home page) higher in Google.

What I've done is created written content with what I read and learned to be what is searched for. Here are some of the things I did for On Page optimizing (which I thought per these days was more important now than blasting backlinks which I haven't really done anyway).

- I did the Title tag with the main keyword I'm trying to optimize for.
- I added the keyword at least once in the description tag.
- I added the keyword on the URL (e.g.:
- I wrote content on the page itself and spaced each keyword at least 100+ words apart (I actually just typed for humans, not SEO, but when I knew I exceeded 100+ words, I knew it was okay to use the word again when needed).
- I bolded at least one of the keywords in the content.
- I italicized a keyword in the content.
- I underlined at least one of the keywords in the content as well.
- I started the content and ended the content sentences with the keywords in the first and last sentences.
- I created a hyper link to another relevant inner page on my website.
- I created a hyperlink to another authority website, etc.

I don't know if I missed anything else content wise, and I made sure to write in a way that I am writing for humans to read it, not for search engines to read it. However, I tried to still tackle all of the important components.

As far as backlinks are concerned, that's where it gets tricky for me. Obviously, with forum signatures on other sites related to my niche, I'm going to use the home page keyword or the website URL itself (I vary what I use on different forums, not every forum with the same thing). However, aside from writing articles and using the backlink to the inner webpage that way, I don't know what else to do to help rank my inner pages.

Blog posts usually reflect the main website, or should I create the URL for my inner pages on some of the blogs I post comments to?

Forums as I explained, wouldn't be as targeted if I'm specifying the inner page as my URL for my forum signature, and posting URLs in forums are, as we all know, not allowed usually.

I do tend to post twitter tweets with the backlinks to my inner pages, and sometimes Facebook posts as well. However, aside from those two options, I don't know what else or where else to post links to or what else to do to help my inner pages rank.

I ask because for example (and I don't mind sharing the niche), I have the inner page "epic beats" which is one of several category pages that I'm trying to rank. The page is Epic Beats & Instrumentals - Make Cinematic Hip Hop Music. I do a Google search and have SEOQuake on it. There are quite a few pages of Google searches to which the sites have no PR at all, very high Alexa scores (higher as in Alexa scores above 2 million), and seem like a newer site. Yet, they rank much higher than I do for that particular keyword and seem to use much less On page optimization than I have.

I haven't bought links or anything, but I'm trying to figure out what the best options are to help rank my inner pages. I almost feel as though I did research and redid my content and everything for SEO but missing the mark somewhere miserably if other sites with little on page SEO in comparison are ranking much higher. Any idea on what is causing some of these sites with no PR's and high Alexa scores to still outrank me severely?

Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I really appreciate all help and tips in advance. I'm really trying to do what I can to get my website's inner pages ranked on page 1 of Google or at least Page 2 at worst. Thanks in advance.

If there are any excellent SEO ebooks for a reasonable price Post Panda and Penguin that anyone can recommend, please let me know as well. Thanks.
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    Hey Genycis,

    You're on point with your onsite SEO. It's awesome to see someone who is dedicated to creating user-friendly content instead of just mucking up the internet with useless garbage.

    There isn't much else you can do onsite to optimize for your keywords. You may want to read up on how to silo your website properly. It is an advanced topic, but it makes a world of difference once you get it down.

    To read the authority on the subject, so a search for "bruce clay siloing." I would post the link, but I don't have the required amount of posts on this forum to post URLs yet!

    I would suggest doing some more research on the topic of siloing if you're interested. There's plenty of it around.

    You need to be very careful with your link building strategies going forward thanks to the recent Penguin update. Here are a few bullet points to keep in mind:

    • Vary your anchor text between exact match, partial match, unanchored, and generic anchor texts
    • Use as many anchor text variations as reasonably possible
    • Quality Links over Quantity Links
    • Look at the link profiles of your competitors and try to emulate it!
    If the links you are building are to your main blog or website, I wouldn't go buying any link services. You're going to want to build links naturally so that you don't risk any type of penalty.

    I know it's a pain in the butt, but that's the name of the game!
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    Hi Genycis and VinRep,
    Great tips from both of you. Thanks for these rare tips. Keep it up. Cheers.
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