How relevant is the url in seo??

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Just wondering how much effect the choice of url has on seo...

I have a url I would like to use because it describes the nature of the site I am building well but the keyword ranking for that url is rubbish, the keywords I will be using throughout the site however do rank extremely well and the site will have enough content to support these keywords

Will this work.?
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    Url has a lot to do with SEO, from a person and
    search engine. Plus authority. Like how
    wikipedia does it.

    But not domain, although one could argue
    that your index page is a url, like

    Your post makes it sound as if you are mixing up
    url with domain, since you can get an infinite
    amount of urls, but they use just one domain.

    Domain does not matter. Canonical url does.

    Hence, not only wikipedia, but stuff like the threads
    on the wf, amazon, ebay, craigslist, zillow, etsy,


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    right, I am going to be using friendly urls so its not going to matter what the domain is..?

    makes sense
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    But some of the experts says that there should be a relevancy in domain name like wikipedia. plz share your valuable thoughts
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    Keyword in the domain name has less value lately. The days if buying up EMD's (Exact Match Domains) and blasting cheap links for page 1 results are over.

    Keywords in the URL are important in my opinion.

    For domain, go for a short and snappy brand name then include the keywords in the URLs for each page you create.

    Add the keyword to the H1, Title Tag and at least once in the content. That should be enough on page optimization. After that just make sure your content is as good as possible and worth linking to.
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    Thanks scott... i'll keep your advice in mind when I come to adding content... good advice
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    Depend on your planning or site theme.Site like Mashable,Techcrunch isn't based on seo url...
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      Here are most important 10 URL design rules :

      - Make the URLs clean
      - Make them simple
      - Make a URL human and machine readable
      - Use one URL per page
      - No special characters besides a minus/hyphen "-" ideally
      - Use slashes like real directories
      - Enhance URLs with numbers but don't rely on them
      - Skip the date, it's not the most important info
      - Do not ever change URLs once set
      - If you have to change URLs move them with a "301 permanently moved" redirect
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