Google Took A DUMP On Me

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My article was on the first page of google for a pretty competitive nich kw. I checked this just yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised because I hadn't done anywork to get there, no backlinks, no nothing. Now I can't even find my article in the first 11 pages ( I stopped looking after that). I didn't overload my article with kw's either I only put in about 4 and the article was 400 words.

Should I try to figure this one out or just skip to the next article because It could take too much work to get back to the first page.

For my next article what are some tips for building links to it?
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    backlinks will surely help. RSS feeds and social bookmarkings do wonder sometimes.
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    When did you created that article? It might be google dance. When a webpage is recently cached by google then webmasters can face google dance.
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    If it was a fresh article you've just written, it could simply be that google placed it there until it determined where in the serps it should really be. Fresh content early on always gets a better ranking. Until google determines the best place for it.
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  • Wow, didn't know that, I'm going to have to find it in order to see if its even worth trying to get it back to the top.
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    Or, it was a personalized results that you saw. Are you sure you were not logged in to your gmail account?
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    I'm thinking what you saw was personalized results
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  • You think that makes a difference? Being logged into your gmail...because I'm not sure if I was logged in but I'll log in to check and see if there is a change.
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  • Alright so I logged into google and ran the search but the article is still no where to be found...
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