W3C Validation Correction will improve SEO?

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As the title says, I run my website on a W3C validator and seen some errors, and it says that it has a SEO score of how important it is. And I have W3C errors and having at least over 100 errors.

So I was doing some researching and a lot of people are saying it is important to do correct W3C validation because of google crawlers.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Worry about W3C or not?
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    It depends on what the errors are. None of my sites are completely W3C compliant, however none of the errors are significant enough to disrupt or confuse spiders... even Google.com is not completely W3C compliant (at least the last time I checked).
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      W3C validation is to make sure your page is coded so that it appears consistent among the various compliant browsers. W3C validation hasn't hurt my keywords SERPs. W3C validation says that you meet their specific HTML standards. It checks the mark up language for proper syntax, help us to make the code very clean & clear, increased understanding of web semantics etc. but validation is in no way a guarantee of high search engine rankings. In fact Matt Cutts has also confirmed that Google Algorithm has nothing to do with W3C standards when it comes to ranking of the web pages.
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    No i dont think so.
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      There's Youtube video from Matt Cutts where he explains that W3C validation is not a ranking factor. It does however ensure that the website is correctly rendered across platforms - as best as possible.

      Here it is ->
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