help with google adwords bounce rate.

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a few years ago I started my own little website to sell information products to bass fisherman. But I have a problem I want to test my ad copy/ offer pages with targeted traffic from Google ad words so i can get a few hundred views to find out what my conversion rate is for sales. This way when Joint venture with some one else and they want to know what my conversion rate is i will actually be able to tell them. Here is the problem 80 + percent of my ad words traffic bounces right of my landing page . Google analytics register there time on line as 0 seconds. I do not understand why this is I know a decent amount about key word selection, righting ads matching your r content to your ads and all of the other things they teach you to do for on line marketing. I have the content network turned off to. I really need help and am getting very frustrated because once I can get this down I know I will be able to roll out my final project and start doing joint ventures and affiliates.

I am really frustrated I don't mean to complain but Internet marketing and websites ad words and putting everything together is tough. Your friends and family have absolutely no idea what you are talking about when you talk about internee marketing. If anyone can help me I will pay them or give them free product of my website if they will help

here are my two questions

what percentage of ad words traffic should stick around long enough to be registered on Google analytics in short how many people who come to your sight should actually look around for at least a few seconds

what is a low bounce rate what is a high bounce rate I get 80 percent thats way to high right?
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    I do agree 80% is very high. On one of my websites the bounce rate is 30% and it totally reflects that in the page views daily compared to my other website which has around a 75% bounce rate.

    I do work with marketers so I will ask tomorrow one of my friends at work in what is a good bounce rate.

    Good Luck

    If you want a link here please email me!

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    Here's a way you can check AdWords bounce rate relative to your site's average:

    Finding High-Bounce-Rate Keywords in AdWords | Glenn on the Web

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