Transferring website to new owner. What to do with AdSense?

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So I am selling my website (WP installation with Quick Adsense plugin) and of course I'll be deleting my Adsense cells from it before (don't want to risk my account in case new owner does something stupid with the site plus he/she wouldn't receive earning anyway).

I was wondering if I want to do this the easy way for the new owner. What if I simply deleted the value "google_ad_client=xxxxx" in Quick Adsense plugin? The new owner could simply insert his own ID without creating the Ads again.

My question is:
A. Is this according to Google TOS? I know I shouldn't change code of the Ads.
B. Can google still track the ownership to me? Are there any other identificators of the account in the code? I see line "google_ad_slot" in the Ad Cell as well.

Please help.
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