Is Geographical Location important?

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Hi all,

New member to the forum and to the world of internet marketing so forgive me if this post is in the wrong place.

I've read a lot about creating quality content, which I do on UK based Wordpress sites that use both Adsense and Amazon Affiliate as a monetisation process.

What I don't do at the moment is enough back linking, I want to do quality links in a reputable way but, everything I've read suggests using USA sites for article submission.

My question is;
If I submit articles to the likes of eZine where the demographic of the readership is USA based will this impact on the quality of the link to a UK site?

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot

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    I guess it had no effect, depending on the keyword that you targeted
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    All that matters is getting readers for the submitted articles and then getting them navigated to your site via the backlink. As long as this happens you need not worry about the geographical location. However i would also suggest you to carry out local listings and do blog commenting and forum posting on some of the U.K sites.
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    I am not an SEO expert but i do not think that the geographical location of the back link matters as far as serps are concerned. It would matter for conversions once the visitors hit your site though. It may also increase your bounce rate which may be bad for your serps.
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  • Back links really the thing that matters most especially in SERP because it gives big impact to your site. Geographical location is not the problem. The thing which you should mind and ensure is that you use back links with high PR where the viewers usually navigated.
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