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I've just read a blog post which mentions that the update in the Penguin algo is heavily on site and will no doubt hurt you if you are over optimizing your sites by abusing the <h1>, <h2> and <h2> tags as well as the <strong> tags.

If you use SEO Pressor, do you recommend turning off Automatic Decoration in the settings? By default, it's set to automatically decorate the keyword with bold, italic and underline. I've heard different opinions on this, so im not sure if Penguin would regard this as over optimization.

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    nope.. you are just fine with these on page optimization tags. just dont do keyword stuffing or link cloaking... you will be fine. trust me on this.
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  • I've read an article on SEOMoz about using <strong> tag that you should do that, looks like I've to double check weather Penguin is taking this as black hat.
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      Good on page SEO has value. Just don't over do it with keyword stuffing and you should be fine.

      I normally write content that reads as good as possible and then afterwords I make sure I have the main keyword in the Title, URL, H1 and Content Body - that's enough. I never compromise the readability of a post for on page SEO.

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    Normal On page SEO is right but over optimize sites get penalty in Google. Google Penguin only prevent keywords stuffing and irrelevant link exchange network site. There no line or rule about text decoration. Thanks

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    For my homepage article or internal page articles, I prefer to keep the keyword density around 1%.

    Having it like 3% would definitely hurt your website.

    Google loves content that flows and looks natural, and to bold your main keyword very frequently is also not a good idea.

    Either way, your content needs to be relevant and should be optimized to some degree.
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    On-PageSEO has not fallen to irrelevance as some would profess. If anything, on-site SEO is more important now than ever given how drastically and rapidly algorithm changes are coming in unrelenting waves. While social signals and tons of other terms can be thrown around as the “new thing” that is going to drive search, at the end of the day it is the content that is still king.
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    The over optimize will count in the term of the keyword density and the content you have added on the page. It is not about styling the page. You need to check whether any keyword is added continually on the page which is not required. Remove that keywords from your page and let customer feel comfortable while roaming on the website.
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    Onpage is a part very important in SEO, and now when penguin appear, it's so very important more. But how to do the best in onpage is still a question?
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    No way. no need to stop using it. You just need a proper coordination. they will be automated but they will look link manual
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    You can success in your page without using meta tag or h1,h2 tag.
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    Another thing I have to add that your On page is always important. But you shouldn't overdo it. that's the thing Google really hate. So try to make it favorable by Google.
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