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Hi guys,

I want to change my current ecommerce cart to a new one(magneto).
Do you have any input on what we need to keep in place so we avoid loosing any existing ranking?
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    Hi Samual

    Email me your requirement at chintanmoghli [at] gmail [dot] com
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    just make sure your URl should be same if you will change your website page url's then surely you will lose so many backlinks to your website and eventually you will lose your search rank positions.
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    add lot of fresh contents..your site is gonna dance a little for sure...
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  • Aside of adding fresh contents, build more backlinks with high PR to make your site on top.
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      I've worked extensively with Magento and still do. Just make use of the rewrite module to keep the url structure of your current pages that are indexed already.

      If Magento's learning curve gets to be to much in the beginning then use permanent redirects at the server level.

      Have fun cuz your in for a ride.
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      Hi Samual,

      There are several things to pay close attention to if you want to maintain your current rankings.

      1. Maintain the same URLs, search engines do not index and rank websites, they index and rank individual web pages, or to be more precise, URLs. Keep your identical URL structure to keep your rankings.

      Fortunately, Magento has URL rewrite management features built in. Here a couple links to help you out:
      Magento - Wiki - ADMIN: Catalog
      Magento - Wiki - How to work with Magento Url Rewrite rules

      2. Keep the same page titles, again easy to do in Magento.

      3. Maintain the same content and/or make minor improvements.

      Another thing I recommend if you are switching to Magento is to choose a hosting company that specializes in Magento hosting, as the requirements and server loads are extremely different from what is offered at your typically web hosting company.
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    Just make sure no urls change and if they do redirect them properply with 301 redirects
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