Anyone seen a drop in traffic from PPC?

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Just a quick question for the PPC pros round here. Anyone seen a big drop in PPC traffic this week?

I am based in the UK and most of my traffic is from the UK. I have seen a drop of about 12 to 15% in traffic for reasons I can't explain. been looking through all the data I can and nothing stands out.

I have read somewhere that it's just the change in weather and all that but I have never seen a drop like this just because it's sunny now.

Any ideas anyone?

On another note for the seo guys, this made me laugh so thought I would share.

Google Algo Changes - SEO Rapper - YouTube
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    PPC Traffic has seasonal boosts and drops. You have to compare week for week over 1-2 years data to know when to expect traffic peaks and drops.

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      Hi dark,

      I am seeing lower impressions on UK campaigns, higher impressions on US campaigns for the past few days.

      Weather, particularly this time of year, can have a significant impact on traffic, though there are many other things that can have influence. You put together a few of those influences at the same time and a short term drop in traffic is possible.

      I would keep in mind that the PPC ad platforms are auction based and influenced by competition more than any other factor. It is not unusual to see significant shifts in the level of competition for a large number of possible reasons.

      Economic factors seem to play a major role. We are seeing some economic scenarios that are far from usual going on right now in Europe in regard to the EU. It seems to be at the beginning of unraveling and causing a bit of economic chaos at the moment. Business often conserve their cash during periods of economic uncertainty. It seems that businesses are holding their breath, so to speak, waiting to see what happens next in the EU debacle. That combined with seasonal and weather conditions could easily account for the short term trend we are seeing in UK traffic.

      Even so, it is only a slightly downward trend, on average, and only for a few days. I am not overly concerned as sales are still strong.
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    It depends on what your buisness is along with other things. I used to work on PPC for a conservatory blinds company in the UK and to compare the traffic and conversion for a sunny week and a raining week was like night and day!

    Bank holidays, weekends, everything has an effect on some types of buisness, maybe it's just your turn.

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    Yes, as PPC is seasonal and now the summer vacations are near, so this could also be one of the many reasons of traffic drop.
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    Thanks guys for your replies. I am still looking over a lot of data at the moment.

    To give you an idea our business is in the office supplies sector. The company I work for has been in this business for over 10 years so we are not a new company or anything.

    We have been comparing data YOY and the drop we have seen so far does not follow any patterns with the same sort of time frame last year. It's just a bit odd, but will keep tracking and see how it goes.
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