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    Maybe the backlinks are not indexed yet
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    Here are a bunch of free tools to check backlinks - Back Link Checking Tools

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    99% because they are not yet indexed

    Try to download Inspyder Backlink Monitor (free up to 50urls/run), and tick "check indexed" in setting to check whether they are indexed yet.

    If not, the best free way is to create rss feed out of them and submit them.
    You can use this one RSS XML Generator - Easy and straight forward.
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      A quick method that I used to check if my page is indexed or not is type in
      site:http://www dot your domain dot com in google
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    I have to say I agree with jet chan. They are not indexed. I have found it will sometimes take more links pointing to the new backlinks to get them indexed sooner. For instance I find many profile linsk on forums never get indexed!
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    Have been researching this question for the last month.

    To date the best I've found is ibacklinkpro,

    This is a limited free access tool that displays up to 100 back links for any site, shows Alexa Rank, Domain and Page Page Rank, anchor text, and back link URL.

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    A nominal upgrade fee allows extending the tool to 10,000 back links per site evaluated.
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    You can help get your backlinks indexed faster by pinging them, there are a number of websites like linklicious, pingler and pingomatic that offer this for free. Or, you could also build backlinks to your backlinks.
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    Originally Posted by rdogg12794 View Post

    I used a wordpress syndication tool to publish all my posts to 7 different blog sites ( blogger,identica,live journal,posterous etc) I have 12 posts on my wordpress site posted to 7 blogs which is 84 quaility backlinks, when i enter the url of my site to backlink checker sites it comes up as zero backlinks why ?
    Traffic Travis or Market Samurai works well
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  • For me MS or Back link checker
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    I use Market Samurai which I think uses data from Majestic SEO since the demise of Yahoo Site Explorer.
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    Add your site to Google Webmaster tools. Give it a few days and you will see all the backlinks to your blog. In my experience this is the best tool.
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    Ahrefs is also pretty decent, but doesn't pick up all the backlinks
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    I'm also 99% sure it's because they haven't been indexed yet.

    I agree with the approach on pinging them.
    Also use some RSS feed sites like:


    You could also consider using XML Sitemap Plugin for your Wordpress that should
    Index them faster!

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