How to index any url in 24 hours with Pr 8 website for free.

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Hi every one.
I just want to share some valuable information to newbies and who dont know about this.
If you have any website/url to be index or to get some back links from Pr 8 website for free, follow this methods.
Go to and register.
You can give your url in the profile . That is dofollow backlink.
Ofcourse that is not a Pr 8 page backlink, but Pr 8 website backlink.
But it worth much. And you can share your links in the status.
Your link will be indexed in the google very faster from normal time.
Use this facility in good way . Don't spam in that website.
Other wise you will be banned from that website.

If any one have more ideas to implement, you can share here with your strategies . Which will be helped for every One.
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    A simple youtube video works great too.
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    hi ...i agree, maybe you can make the instruction easier thanks
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    @ jenddg

    Ofcourse. I will expplain little more easier now.

    Go to .

    You can see the button register. Click on it to register now.

    You can see the homepage in the Fields while register.

    Give your Website/Url to get the back link there.

    Thats it . You can share your inner pages in the status after register.

    But dont post more links in the status . It will be considered as Spam.

    You can do it regularly by participating in the site daily.

    Hope this can be understand by every one.

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