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Yes finally! (Some success and I'm a newbie (Kind of) )

Just started picking up IMing again after a 1 year break; put a couple hours of work (20+ hours) I finally am on page 2 of google #1. On other web search engines (Ask, yahoo, aol, etc) I'm on the #1, 2, 3 page.

The method I used was:

Making 500+ word articles x4

Rewritting 2 of them = 6 total
Post 6 of them on my website then post them to 10+ 2.0 sites. Was gonna do like 1 article re-write a day but its so damn hard... :rolleyes:

From the 10+ 2.0 sites, I did a bit of social statuses, bookmarking sites, few videos (PR3+), and other experiments like using indexing in general to get more 'juice' out of it.

Pretty weak method, I know, however, I left out some other parts to get me many quality back links.

I did my research for my keyword (A lot of it using MS) to know that I could handle it first of all; there WAS competition. I would say there were 3 or 4 EMD competitors, however, none were SEO optimized and sounded like they were trying to scam others.
Easy takedown of course.

Searches for GOOGLE were around 10k global and 4.5k U.S. (Exact and I looked at the graph to make sure the future was pretty stable and traffic wasn't spiked up for just that month).

Pretty happy with the results right now since I was planning on giving up because when I used a serp checker I misread it; thought it said my site was on page 26 when in fact it was #26 = page 2 (off a bit)

I was using adsense, however, the niche I'm in is a low competition (Decent cpc at 50 cents though), but, I decided I would use Amazon for my site.

Hoping to get to #1 within the next few weeks hopefully so I can get that nice traffic

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    Good job. How many exact match searches does that keyword get? Are you already seeing traffic?
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    congratulations!! I am still looking forwrd for my first day to make money using adsense or amazon affiliate!!

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    Exact is around 8000 global and 4500 usa

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    Good job and welcome back to the game. Just stay focused and don't give up and you'll get your number one rankings.

    If you build it, they will come. If you write it, they will read it. If it's good, well, they will tweet it, like it, share it, stumble it, pin it, post it, copy it, click it, buy it, question it, digg it and comment on it. Let's write useful, meaningful content on our sites and clean the internet up :)

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    Thanks and yes I actually am getting traffic; checked it through my tracking; not much but ~25 a day on page 2 is not bad. Out of those 25 I get around 3 amazon clicks (No conversions, YET haha). Reason why I'm getting traffic is because sites on page 1 don't look to appealing and I can see why someone would want to venture to page 2 and beyond.

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    Congrats, Good job, I guess contextual backlinks like blogging using web 2.0 and etc really helped you well. That is good news that it is once again proved that Web2.0 blogging still rocking even after Penguin 1.1
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    Congratulation to you. You have done nice job with those web2.0 posting. You can also try article directories.

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    Wowww...great job,Now make your site more robust with building more quality backlinks.
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