What does google NOT want?

by paulgl
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This revelation just hit me when answering another thread.

Google does not want internet marketers fouling up ther
adsense program. They want content providers. If you
are an internet marketer, or have that mentality with
your adsense sites, switch over from the dark side.

An internet marketer in adsense sense, is someone who
creates a site just to earn money off adsense. And did
you know that's against adsense TOS?

Does that describe you?

It doesn't describe me. Each and every site I have adsense
on, is loved, cared for, watered, fed, nursed, and a subject
that I have passion and knowledge about. My best performing
site is one I've had for 12+ years. Many years in existence
pre-adsense. I work on these sites daily. Not for SEO, not
to shmooze google, not to get an adsense click, but because
I want to be the best webmaster in my subject. When you
choose to go about things that way, you can't help but

But what do people do? Oh let me find a high paying keyword.
Let me get an EMD. LEt me slap wordpress together. Let
me make a bunch of unique articles and watch the money
roll in. Well, when you choose to make an iphone review site,
and you don't even own an iphone, or give a rip about iphones,
or anything about the iphone, but that adsense click, man bring
it on! Eventually you will get banned by google.

Make a site that you have knowledge and passion about. Those
sites are golden for me. Forget high paying niche. I get $3+ clicks
daily from niches that should pay pennies. Why? Because people
are bidding and targeting my sites.

I had a record month in May for adsense. And I mean it wasn't even
close. I killed it.

I would imagine there are warriors who had the same experience
recently with the penguin.

Come on people. Go out and succeed! Don't be lazy. Don't
be impatient.

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    I would like to add that people shouldnt believe everything google says about thier system of ranking. Also I think people need to use common sense and not follow generic advice that gets repeated daily,hourly on the internet and even in this forum.

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    Absolutely paulgl, I'm in exactly the same camp as you. I've been running my main site for 13 years now, and have built up a large audience of social traffic. This means that I'm creating enough value every day for them to keep coming back and reading, day after day.

    I wish more internet marketers would think like publishers. What business do you want to get into and work at for the rest of your life? How are you going to change peoples' lives for the better?

    I'm the publisher of Universe Today and co-founder of the Keyword Strategy content marketing tool.

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    I suppose I'm a guilty IMer, lol.

    I was posting my content on niche forums long before I discovered Adsense. When I discovered that the forum I was posting content on was earning money with Adsense, I was like, WTH!?!?

    That's when I created my first Adsense site, If anyone was getting paid, it was going to be me!

    So, I created the site & funneled traffic every since.

    Even with money involved, I've always kept my sites full of good content, I learned before I started my first site that people can't get enough content If it solves a problem.
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