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Hey everyone.
Although my new user name, I have been looking around in here for a year or so.. im not new in SEO, I have a few sites that can't lift to more than 150$ per month. So now I wanna go into one of the big niches. I found some good keywords with medium seo competition.. that i think i can outrank.
But I have a problem. All the words connects to one main subject, with a lot of micro niches inside. let's just say for an example:

The big subject is : Dog Training
The micro niches are: labrador, pakinez, golden retriver, dalmatic etc.

My question is, what will be better, to go on a different domain for each micro-niche, like:


To keep on one single domain with a lot of juice on it..
Directory option will not be considered here as it's a bit competitive niche.. I must have some of the keywords in my domain.. what do you say?
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    As the directory option is not possible here, personally I'd go with different domains... so,,... these would be easier to rank than the sub domains, but definitely do some research on the subject as it's possible to rank sub domains with the right seo strategies.

    luckily, ranking sub domains has been discussed here before

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