How to write the good PPC ads?

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I'm a bad writer, i don't know how to write the good PPC ads that attract more clicks. Some one gives me some idea, please
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    The best ppc ads are the ones that are most relevant to the specific keyword and you can gauge that via your CTR. Do a couple of searches in the market you're competing in, and look at your competitors and study what they are doing. Apply your own ideas, and your own USP. From there, think like your customer -- what is their end desire? If you can fulfill that, and provide the more relevant answer to your customers' needs, you'll succeed.

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    For starters, your grammar really needs to be spot on. If there are mistakes, you won't get clicks. Try to get someone to proofread the ads if you can.

    Best of luck,
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    proofread- check for mistakes.

    What I was saying is, you may need to hire a native english writer to write your ads, or at least to look them over.

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    Proofread is when someone with experience/knowledge
    of the language reads your copy for mistakes, inconsistencies
    and gaps in logic.

    The Warrior Forum is a good place to start...


    Vince aka makingiants
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    Download ADWORDS EDITOR from GOOGLE and work on them at your own pace.

    Worked for me...
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    I disagree with grammar and spelling mistakes not working, they do. In fact I will purposely make them in some ads just to test it and it normally leads to HIGHER ctrs. The grammar and spelling police love to send emails telling you how completely stupid you are for making a simple mistake. They also LOVE to check the idiotic site that would ever put up such nonsense. (It gets them on your site).

    Use the grammar and spelling police to your advantage.

    That said, research the existing ads out there and make yours completely different. If everyone is taking one angle, don't take that one. Take a different one so your ad stands out.

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    You could learn it from the Adwords Representative...

    Just ask them to create a campaign for you. You could learn from the campaign itself which made by the Adwords expert.
    You could learn about good campaign immediately without need to waste money.
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    Here's an oldie but a goodie. Spy on your competion. Type the keyword in as an exact phrase match in the search box, usually thus [keyword] and note the results.

    Try spy sites like keywordspy(dot)com or spyfu(dot)com to have a look at the competing ads.
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    Here's the good news: there is no right way or wrong way with PPC, just testing. Most PPC engines permit you to split test and rotate the ads. I like to ask questions in one and not in the other. Find out which works and then re-split test the one that performed with some changes in the new one.

    Anyone who tells you they have the recipe for PPC titles is lying to you. I've added "Free Report in the body in one circumstance and it worked well in one case and poorly in another.

    PPC is literally the split testing, testing, and re-testing central of the online world.
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