Why do most IMers use Wordpress?

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I have a very good understanding of SEO and how it works and have gotten a few of my website to #1 spots, thanks to the help of WF, but I have a few questions as a newb.

Why do most internet marketers prefer wordpress over anything else? Is godaddy or blogger not any on par with wordpress?

I understand godaddy hosting is not a blog hoster but if you are aiming for adsense or anything other than a real blog why would you not go with a godaddy site. It seems google can tell that you are hosting on a blog hosting service with wordpress or blogger and I thought they would want you to constantly update with blog posts to maintain higher rankings.

My question in a nut shell is, does it matter who hosts your site?
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    I honesty don't use wordpress alot, I prefer blogger. I guess most people use it because it's more customizable, you can run your own scripts in php, it can also have more advanced functions like jason, ruby on rails, python, ioncube and anything else that requires your own server to give enchanced functionality. Also loads of nifty plugins. I prefer blogger just for ease of use, I don't really build techically sophisticated sites, just content and rankings.
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    Its sad that a lot of people use WP, because usually they dont understand the inner workings of WP and end up getting their sites hacked. The code is also bloated with bad queries, it can put some shared hosting accounts to its knees.
    No more...
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      LOL! Wordpress is popular because anyone can do it.

      I myself choose blogger for blogs and my own
      hand coding for websites.

      If people knew how easy a little html, php, javascript
      was, they'd ditch wordpress in a heartbeat.

      In the time you install wordpress and find all the right
      plugins, I can do a 50 page site. And continue to add
      to it rapidly. And put my adsense anywhere. And
      make my title what I want. My content anyway I
      choose. My link structure any which way. And..and..and...

      php makes that soooooooooooooooooo easy.

      Not sure about the statement about godaddy not
      being a blog hoster. If you want a blog hosted
      on godaddy, they'll be more than happy to oblige.
      Nobody forces you to put your blog on wordpress
      or blogspot.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I like blogger alot. I dunno why people fret about losing their blog though; you can always copy your html from your posts and pages into MS WORD just in case they decide to delete it.

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    Visit My Tool Review Blog › Log In and login as demouser with a password of password. You can't build that kind of back-end system with a typical HTML site.

    That is exactly why I use WordPress.
    Want a REAL Online Business That's Fun to Run?
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    Wordpress bloated ? You don't say.
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    It's not about the host, because wordpress isn't necessarily a host. Honestly, wordpress provides the best solution for both the client (the marketer) and the designer or developer. It's not too difficult to learn for either party, and many people create themes and plugins for it. It's open source, which means it will never go away. WP also allows for tight control over your site, like with XML sitemaps, metadata, keywords, etc. You can't do those types of things on a godaddy or blogger site. It's not just about the end product, but also about how it works.
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    Besides Wordpress , I also use XSitepro to built my other html or static sites..
    XSitepro has got a WYSIWYG editor and therefore I can put up my contents , images the way I like it just like a word document.
    But I guess , many marketers like wordpress as there are plenty of plugins that one can use to enhance their wordpress based sites and without wordpress, there are alot less business for those selling plug ins here.. don't you think so?
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    Ease of use, plugins, community, etc.

    I actually prefer "old school" HTML in some cases. Getting a little rusty though.
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    Wow, thanks for the great info everyone. I thought I was the only one on blogger for a while. I just really need to explore wordpress a bit more.
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    Well it has decent functionality....

    That's all I got!
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    Wordpress is faster, easier as a kid should easily knows how to use. it's CMS highly support PHP or server side scripting and popular site as compare to others.
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