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Hi guys, I had plenty of backlinks on different websites in the same niche but most of those links have been removed now. The problem is that backlink checking tools like Opensite Explorer and Majestic SEO still show them as backlinks to my website whereas as the links dont exist anymore. Does that mean that such tools show historic data which is not exactly updated? and will pinging those webpages help in refreshing the data?
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    Pinging those pages may help get those updated. Google is currently working on a tool to let you disavow backlinks via the Webmaster Tools.
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    Don't worry you have to wait more than one week.
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      Pinging will help, but you should wait a few days. I hope everything will be fine then.
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    Hi ambetious,

    May I ask. How you remove or delete your backlinks ( for example how to remove or delete irrelevant back links forum) ??

    Thanks Jesking
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    I suggest you stop checking for your back links. You should judge your performance by what happens in the rankings and what happens to your bank account. Most backlink checking services use different sources of information and none will be close to the index that Google maintains.

    Forget about checking backlinks, it will only serve as a deterrent to your overall goal. This is coming from someone who focused quite a bit of time on indexing links over the past few years.
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    You've removed the links...

    So stop waiting for site explorers to stop considering them and send in a request to Google for reconsideration

    Who cares about those third party platforms?
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    If you know the links don't exist, why do you care about some outdated 3rd party data?
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    Both those two tools have a delay in updating their link indexes. Majestic has a fresh index, but it's smaller. For fairly crappy links, none will show up in either index.

    ---> I run Run SEO experiments and prove your SEO work.

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    don't worry about it. note those sites and never use them in future. please check the status like PR, Age, expired Date etc of sites before submitting your link. it helps to find out good sites.
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    removing backlinks can be harder than putting backlinks.
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    I am not sure but this article might be helpful to you.."!topic/webmasters/F96uU45ONcc"
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    Might be the tools will be taking time to update their index. So stop considering them.
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      If you think you removed enough links, Just wait for the next google update and see what happens

      i'm in the same boat - WMT and open site explorer are not updating anything.
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    everybody says it right, who cares about seeing them in those tools?

    it proves one thing, they don't provide real time statistics :-)
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    Sadly some dead links still around on SEO tools for a very long time. I have a few 6 month old dead links lingering on google webmasters for one of my sites. And pinging can help, but not always. I have pinged most of the sites and still nothing.
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    Sorry but your question doesn't really make sense so I can't answer it, but I will say that offers like "1000 free forum backlinks" are a waste of time and damaging to the Internet as a whole. Avoid anything like this.

    If you want free backlinks, make a good website. The backlinks will come naturally.
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    Why do you worry about links that doesn't exist? The way Google and other sites check your back link is entirely different. If your suspect some of the existing back links of your sites as unnatural you can use disavow tool to inform Google about the back links that you cannot control.
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    You don't have to remove any link it is useless, Google understand this thing.

    three great FREE tools -, and

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    Don't worry if you have removed links.

    I am Jyoti Chauhan,SEO Expert and blogger at having two years of experience in Internet Marketing. I’m familiar with all the on-page and off-page strategies.
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