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Hello everyone,

I am new to IM, and am in the process of creating an info site to make money through Adsense. I would like to share with you all the perspective of someone who is completely new to Adsense and Internet Marketing in general. I will be posting daily/every 2-3 days updates on my progress and what I am doing step by step.

Currently, I have about 20 articles written for my info (I can't post the link yet as I do not have 15 posts, but as soon as I do I will share it all with you!). I welcome comments from experienced Adsense publishers, however mostly I want to help the people like me who were paralyzed with inaction but finally decided to move forward.

Happy publishing everyone!
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    Wrote a couple more articles, about 600 words in length each.

    I will say this, if you are scared about the content creation process, you shouldn't be. It doesn't take long to write a 500 word article, I have done a couple of mine in 15 minutes.

    Being able to communicate well in writing is a big part of success, and I can already tell I am becoming a better writer through creating these articles.

    Next Step: Some off page SEO and posting of my articles and starting the process of backlinking. (I am COMPLETELY new to backlinking...this could be interesting...) As always, I will share all my steps.

    Happy Publishing!

    Daniel Stermer
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    its really a good idea.you can help others and other will help you to earn $$$. please update your process that you are about to do so that we can correct you.
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    Good luck Daniel!

    Hope that you are able to keep this updated to share your progress with everyone.
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    Looking forward to your updates
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      Hello all, and happy Sunday!

      Today was a hodgepodge of organization and what not, but I did get further with my website.

      1. I got my Google analytics all set up. Thank you for WordPress!!

      2. I posted my first two articles, with my next 18 or so set to post in the next 5-6 days at different times. I have all the SEO set up with the All in One SEO pack.

      3. I am having trouble picking a theme for my site, right now I have the HeatMap Adsense theme but I don't like the look of it...it also has a logo on the header of my site that says "Your Logo Here" and I don't know how to get rid of that. Themes are a bit hard for me, I want a good simple one. If anyone can recommend one to me that would be awesome!

      4. My posts aren't perfect yet, I still have to format with pictures to make them a bit more visually appealing.

      5. I am set up with Google Webmaster's Tools and have it linked to my analytics account. I LOVE GOOGLE! (Maybe they will see this )

      6. Did a little research on the competition. I am not 100% on the keywords I have chosen at this point, as it seems a little stiff. But that's ok for now...

      The next several days I will be learning how to spin my content and enhance my presence on the web. Thanks for reading!
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        For your theme, i would suggest using something you like and not necessarily an Adsense theme. You can use the quick adsense plugin to position your ads anywhere within the content and on your sidebar.
        Studio press themes are good for SEO, many others too, but point is dont limit yourself just to adsense types of themes, the quick adsense plugin will allow you to place your ads anywhere.
        Good luck and great to see you taking action and being bold enough to write about it on here

        All the best
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    I know it's not much, but here is Ver 1.0 of my site, let me know any comments you have about the niche, the look of the site, or anything else you may have in mind. Thank you!

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    I just subscribed, hopefully I can help you out on your journey and maybe learn something new too =)
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    Hello everyone!!

    Right now I am in the middle of content creation and the backlinking/offpage SEO process.

    The content creation part I get, I have so far created 24 articles for my site and counting. I have my Wordpress blog all set up and ready to go with all the plugins.

    The offpage SEO (basically backlinks as I have come to understand) is turning out to be a real doozy. I have created threads on here about my issues with Web 2.0 and Article Spinning.

    My plan of attack for the next week

    1. Continue creating content for my site

    2. Register with all the web directories I can (that are free, unfortunately that number is small)

    3. Register with all the RSS directories

    4. Setup my Off page blogs such as Squidoo and HubPages, along with all other social media platforms.

    5. Learn how to handle article directories, and spinning content...if I choose to do so.

    So far Google has not indexed all my articles, I am waiting patiently on that before I do article marketing. I am learning a ton! I know my site will be up and optimized within the next couple of weeks and ready to go for Adsense purposes. After that I will perform the necessary upkeep and continuing to create content while starting all over on a new niche.

    Stay tuned and party at my place when I make my first dollar online.
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    You can also get adsense approval account within 1 month by 7-8 pots no need to 20 or more post.
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    Building Social Bookmarks to your Article Submissions and Web 2.0s is a great way to boost their power, which can flow through to your main website, and get them indexed in Google.

    I can do you a great deal on Manual Social Bookmarks if you need it, just check out my sig =)
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    Hello all,

    Sorry for the lack of updates!

    I am still creating content for my website, and soaking in A LOT of info about SEO/Backlinking. Remember, I knew 0/Zilch/Nada about SEO and Backlinking, and I am discovering from scratch how to rank my website in the organic listings. I should be up and going very soon with a backlinking strategy.

    Just to give you a little background on myself, I am 24 years old, married, working full time, and going to school full time.

    If you are familiar with those activities, you will know my time is very limited to devote to Internet Marketing. When I make it, you will have no excuse! Can't wait to share my success with you all.

    Daniel Stermer
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    Good job in stepping forward and taking action. That's really the way to go and even if you have a few shortcomings along the way you'll learn a lot in the process. Keep it up!
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