Can Someone Help Me With My Linkbuilding Please?

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Hello warriors! I've got a few questions about link building since I'm pretty new to this. Obviously the goal is to get as many pages as possible to rank highly in the search engines. But when it comes to the actual URL's in the anchor text themselves, how should those be? I'm guessing when doing WEB 2.0 and, article directories, the URL should be for the exact page that you're trying to rank for in the SERP's. However, what about Blogs, and Forums? Should those backlinks be pointing directly to my homepage or should they also be pointing to different pages within my site? If someone can give me a solid link plan that will be great.

Josh Brown
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    After penguin update you must vary backlink, not all your backlink contain anchor text..

    It is better if your keyword=your domain

    If you have 2 or more keyword you can create like this and more
    you should point your backlink to your page if you want to make you 2nd keyword get rank..

    have you ever tried get backlink from pad submission? that's a good backlink you can see the case study at my signature
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    Diversify where your links are pointing at. Not only your homepage.

    Diversify your anchor text as well. At least 3 per page you are trying to rank.

    Backlinking to a blog & forum is no different than doing it on a Web 2.0. However, i would avoid doing blog comment backlinks & forum profile backlinks. You can use it for T2 but I prefer to stay away from them.
    Who else needs a SEO Client Dashboard for their SEO services ?
    Let your clients monitor their SEO campaigns (Rankings, Backlinks and Work Done)
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    You can also build links by social media marketing and video marketing.
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    The idea is to treat each page that you want to rank with the "right" amount of linkbuilding effort (these efforts depend on the keyword competition for each page you rank)

    Thou, as you're building links to those pages, you may notice "the other pages" that you didn't build links to also seem to naturally rank and yes, they may require less effort to rank on top than when ranking the first few pages

    However, in the end you'll also need to build links to "the other pages" in accordance with the competitive pages in order to really rank and maintain them on top spots.
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      Do you know of a good link plan that I can use a reference?
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    These are the various tye of links you should make:
    1. Links from directories
    2. edu links
    3. wiki links
    4. press relaeses
    5. Social Bookmark links
    6. web 2.0
    7. Article Submission

    Just keep on rotating them evenly. Try to make the process look as natural as possible.
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    Diversify anchor texts while building this era of frequent google updates.
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    Simply build back links to your home page and pages.

    Most link building forms will allow you to use more than one url and keywords.
    Send your highest quality back links to your home page if you can't afford to do a round figure.
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    These are the types of links that will help you with this;

    - Social Networks
    - Social Bookmarks
    - RSS Feeds
    - Forum Profiles (Never at your website but to a Tier 3 of your link building)

    Try to build in Tiers like this:

    Your Site <-- Web 2.0 <-- 10 social networks <-- 10 social bookmarks <-- 100 forum profiles

    The numbers are examples but it will create a steady system to build your campaigns on, try to vary anchor text and not use it more than 30% post penguin

    Best of luck, anything else you need just PM me
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    It's all a matter of opinion... Rank what you want to rank.

    Send links to all of your pages why would you focus on only one keyword
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    Hi Josh,

    I do have various Good quality high PR sites if you need any support or back link to make your site #1 feel free to Pm me . Have a good day.

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