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If you put a URL on a site, but don't use any anchor text, do the search engines still count it as a backlink?

The reason I ask is because certain web 2.0 sites such as don't allow you to put an anchor text link on.
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    Yes of course it does :-)

    A link is a link is a link :-)

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    It'll count as a backlink. After penguin its not good use anchor text always. Sometimes you should use url as backlink.
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    It is obvious.
    Do not mind it, continue to build high quality backlink from high PR sites.
    If all your backlinks have anchor text, it really does not naturally, and not good for SEO.
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    I can input an anchor text into webs blogs. I use html code to input my anchor text so its no problem there.
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    A link is still good. If you're going to look at it, that link that you've placed can also be considered as an anchor text. Recall your HTML lessons: when you add <a href="link here">"link here"</a>, the "link here" part would be the URL of the page.
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    Image links are worth their weight in gold! : )
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    Either it is a URL or anchor text it will considered as backlinks. But it should be do-follow from related niche. Only then it will be counted as backlink in search engines.
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      Yep, from a related site in your niche it will count for more, but you need it to look natural anyway, its ok to have some links with just url instead of anchor text.
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    Yes, This is right, Google always counts backlinks without anchor tags. There no need to add anchor tag in links. Thanks

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    If you put a URL on a website, but you not use any anchor text, don't worry about it, search engine defiantly count as backlinks.
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    if your are creating back link on relevant site of your niche than its very okay!
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  • Profile picture of the author Val Wilson
    One of the big penalties from the Penguin update was for over-optimization of anchor text - so having links without anchor text is a good thing. Natural links will often just be the URL of a site, rather than anchor text, so having a reasonable proportion of these will now help your ranking.
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    yes, url link also consider as back link for your website however it's not beneficial as keywords positions.
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    it is god and can actually help your rankings for all keywords by adding diversity to your link profile.

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  • Profile picture of the author jasono
    As long as it is a link it does count. In fact, with the recent penguin update, google loves backlinks that are not anchor texts but only URL or domains.

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      Google loves back links from domain urls.. ok..., but how can we target the keywords with respective url's from penguin updates..
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    Yes, they will be considered as hyperlinks, but you probably will not get enough credit for them. Because hyperlinks are less descriptive about the linking page and may not be useful for the user.

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