What's the Difference Panda and Penguin?

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Hi! I've just wonder what are the difference between these two terms in SEO?

Can you give me a clear view about this?

I know I can research this thing but I guess there are smart guys here on WarriorForum.

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    This thread is already posted in this forum. You can get reply here. http://www.warriorforum.com/adsense-...in-update.html
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    Google panda update was about the duplication, low quality and copied content and now google penguin is regarding SEO techniques you can say it is against spammers who are trying to get good positions in SERP searches with the help of black hat techniques.
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    When copied content picked by any website or blog owner in the article, website content etc then Google panda check it for duplication and low quality content whereas Google pengiun is about use the right techniques according Google webmasters guidelines and penalized those who want high PR by using black hat seo in the unethical ways.
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    Both are same just the difference is penguin is more crucial than panda,so keep away fro it and never used duplicate content or spaming.
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    I agree to johnsander1 that panda was related to low quality content while penguin is related to web spam.
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      As per my point of view Google panda is for low quality content or duplicate content, means related to on page SEO. And Google penguin is related to web spammers. Its simply mean that related to off page activities.
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    Panda algorithm mostly targets sites with low quality content and it has promoted quality sites which had been minor in search engine ranking.
    Penguin algorithm mostly focus on the webspam. The sites which perform not follow the excellence guidelines of google are penalized and relegated in search engine ranking.
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    Google panda is about quality content and google penguin is about keyword spamming and unnatural links.
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    Panda Update was solely targeted against duplicate, spun and otherwise low quality content. Penguin update aims to control all types of webspam (cloaking, unnatural linking, spamming etc) and over-optimization.

    Both updates are alive and kicking. They are need to control spam and offer better search results to users.

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    Thanks for this informative thread.
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    Google Panda algorithm mainly targets websites with low quality content. Content farms were hit the hardest by this algorithm.
    Google Penguin algorithm mainly concentrates on the web-spam. The websites which do not follow the quality guidelines of Google are penalized and demoted in the search engine rankings.
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    Panda = Spam
    Penguin = quality

    Nothing else at all. Use spam techniques and you may as well throw all your web content creation efforts in the bin and burn them.

    There's a good piece on it here:

    How to Tell a Panda from a Penguin « The Write Provider

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    Panda is not just about poor content and/or duplicate content. That is far, far too simplistic.

    Amongst other things it is about the user experience. Poor bounce rate is a significant factor to getting clobbered. Also important is regular updated content on your site.
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    Penguin’s ultimate goal is to target pages of content that are spamming Google, primarily through backlinking. This latest salvo has targeted the low (or no) quality blogging networks that, for example, have been designed to ‘sell’ backlinks to webmasters looking to increase Google rankings.
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    I do agree with john sander 1,
    And those both was good and bad like the Panda update was good for the Spammers and the Penguin was the best one for all those people who like the new white hat techniques. But Still the White hat is best to do for the site.
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    Google panda is concerned from quality content and google penguin is concerned from unnatural links.

    Thank you
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      Panda = Spam
      Penguin = quality

      I agree with u
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    Panda = on page SEO
    Penguin = Offpage SEO

    Insert Sig here for ***** Moolahs ,,I,,

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