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Is Classified Posting will helps in bring more traffic?

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    You can prefer those web sites which provide link in you free posting. Generally it will help you get more traffic by post free ads.
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    You bet. Try below Free Classifieds, especially Craigslist, It's definitely worth the effort

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    Depending on the type of business you are promoting, Craigslist can be a VERY good source of targeted traffic.
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    Classified postings can lead in a vast quantity of natural traffic to your web portal which will naturally signify lots of prediction for you to exchange these visits into sales, which in turn helps in lifting the page rank of your web portal.
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    • Classified ads are one of the best sources of traffic. Write a compelling ad and include relevant keywords. This strategy can generate instant results in terms of traffic. Some websites allow you to post classified ads for free or add pictures along with your ad.
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    It depends. Classified ads by nature are good in driving traffic. But the worst side is, it is being attacked by scammers and spammers. In result, many people don't really trust online classified ads.

    These are the challenges that you are about to face in doing this stuff. You really need to convince people that you are real and making real deal. Not scams or spam through writing contents that will catch their attention.

    Ones that will not just drive them to your site. But will become your customer or conversion.
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    you can get some visitors. but its your duty to convert them to your clients
    But i think its better to use the paid one rather than free one.
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    I think it's a good thing if you have a service to offer. But as far as SEO not really any help IMO. only with some traffic to your website.
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    Originally Posted by Vijaypravin View Post


    Is Classified Posting will helps in bring more traffic?

    Classified submission is one method in off page optimization techniques to increase the backlinks for your site. By doing only classified submission we can achieve more traffic. But we can see just an increase in number of people visiting the site.

    If you need more traffic try using all the seo off page optimization techniques.
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    Yes, classified postings are very much helpful for driving actual lead to the websites. Moreover, classified websites helps in generating citations for the listing which ultimately improves your business listing in local search engine.

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    Yes classifieds are the best option for brings the more traffic on your website.It is the best way for advertising the business or products.
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