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Hey Warriors,

There is a website, I have been wondering what has done and I just can't figure it out. I like its idea but I don't know how they have done it. When you search for the term "dental marketing" which is a very competitive term, one of the results is shown with a video. That's the only result in the search results that a video is being shown alongside its search result. Here is the website:
I can't figure out how he has done it. Did he just upload a video to his website or embed it from elsewhere? The cool thing is his video also has his name on it on search results which seems it has been assigned somehow to his Google Plus, but I can't find it on his Google Plus either.
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    Again back to this sample, he has implemented the video in a way that the video Tumbnail is shown in search results with his name and also the website. That differentiates this search result big time. I want to know how he has done it.
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    That's quite interesting question.

    First, he got the video uploaded on his own server (not YouTube etc...)

    Hes definetely using markups so this is probably how he did that. Type in Google and you'll see markups in action.

    Learn more about markups here:
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    It's a typical self hosted video & he encoded the javascript code.

    Here is the image showing up in Google SERPs (change hxxp to http).


    You can copy/paste the encoded javascript from his source code that the video is displayed on into here & see the actual video code.
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