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Hi Everyone,

I came across a PDF with Adsense in it http://www.imrbint.com/downloads/med..._2010-2011.pdf which looked like a very good idea.

Any idea how I could do this please - I have adobe acrobat


I have now pressed the link and it did not work, but it looks like a really good idea if it could be made to work
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    You can't. It seems to be against Google terms and conditions for adsense. You can only have it in websites.

    It is a little more complex than that, but that is the main idea.

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      It amazes me where people put adsense these days. It is any wonder why Google is quick to ban accounts if anything fishy is done. I know of a page on blogspot that has video streaming to basically every tv station. They put adsense ads right over the video so you have to click on it to get it out of the way.

      There are many that break the adsense rules but their accounts haven't been banned......yet. However, just because you see this doesn't mean that it is ok for you to do the same.

      Abide by the adsense rules and you will be fine. A good rules of thumb is if putting the ads in a specific place seems too good to be true, it probably is.
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