How does places affect Avg position in google webmaster tools?

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This particular field 'Avg position' in google webmaster tools has been driving me crazy. For some keywords it shows a position of 3 or 4, which is clearly not true as the real position is more like 70!

The only explanation I have for this is that it takes results from google places, which can be very geographically specific. For those searches that are in the same geographic vicinity the result may indeed be 3 or 4.

How does everyone deal with this? Is there a way to filter our google places ranking from the 'Avg position' in webmaster tools? or is it just better not to take this number as reliable and instead use a rank checker?

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    Hi hbteos234,

    If part of your traffic comes from people who have bookmarked, or visited your website in the past, the average position in Webmasters Tools account will be much higher than your actual ranking position for new visitors. This is due to the Personalized Search feature of Google Search.
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      You shouldn't really worry about it too much. If you are getting Impressions, people finding your site in their results is the important thing and of course actual traffic to that page. I have keywords at #180 in Webmasters that get steady traffic.

      Being #1 for one big keyword is overrated these day.
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    Thanks, I guess what I'm hearing is that this number is not a very reliable way to measure the keywords 'actual' rank.

    Better to look at keyword ranking tools then

    Please let me know if I misunderstood
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    I faced the same problem and find that "Avg. position does not match with real google rankings". Yes, go for some ranking tool or track the ranking manually if number of keywords are less.

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