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In last 1 month my alexa ranking goes down. Where as my keywords ranking increases. In this 1 month i achieve 30 more keywords on top 10 position. by my alexa ranking goes down.

Please tell me what to do for increase my alexa ranking. Am following all major techniques in Penguin update.
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    Why you want to increase your alexa ranking? it is nothing than numbers.
    I'd suggest you to focus on your SERPs rather than wasting your time on getting useless and easy to manipulate alexa numbers.
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    Alexa's ranking system tracks the popularity of internet sites around the world. It bases its ranking schema on the level of traffic each site receives from the number of individuals that check out a site by having the Alexa Toolbar installed.
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    I really agree with TheProgrammer. Alexa is just no game. If you got keyword in top SERP, than forget about alexa, whether it is increase or decrease. Its just waste of time.
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    Make the site content as attractive as possible to rake in even lots pageviews. Writecontent that is connected to webmasters. Writing excellence content for your sites. Spend in ppc and google Adwords campaigns. This is are rally best way to get in a lotoftargeted trafficand obtain lots of visitors that can possibly be concerned in your website.
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    Alexa Ranking is a load of rubbish, just focus on increasing traffic and rankings. Alexa Rankings can drop in a couple of days for no apparent reason
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    Alexa Ranking doesn't do anything.It is just numbers that's all. If you're getting the same amount of traffic after the down in ranking means, just don't care about that.
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      Alexa is just one metric and can be manipulated. I would use google analytics or come up with your own utility that parses your logs to track traffic.

      For example, I have two sites that get between 2000-3000 unique visitors a day and rank around 300k with Alexa. But another related to SEO gets 1/10 of the visitors but is actually ranking higher with Alexa. That is because more people that use my SEO related site use the Alexa toolbar which inflates the traffic number.

      I have my own utilities though that I can get a snapshot of my sites traffic. I compare that to what google reports also.

      Check top 300 Google SERP results free. tracks and graphs changes for multiple domains/keywords/regions. Also includes advanced keyword density tool.

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    Alexa is based on traffic. So try to get more traffic to increase your Alexa ranking. Forum posting is a great way to get targeted traffic.

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