When to use PPC and when to use SEO

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What is the best approach when it comes to get traffic with the following types of pages?

Squeeze page
For getting people signing up to your list and doesn't have much conent.

Sales page
For selling your own product and does have a decent amount of content.

Regular page/Blogg
For selling affiliate offers or own products but is more informative and has very much content. Also have the ability of collection subscribers.

And when I say traffic, I mean from a Google perspective (in the first place).

This is what I think and correct me if I'm wrong:

Squeeze page
Not enough content for being indexed in the organic search so therefore PPC is the best approach. So the SEO approach maybe out of the question.

Sales page
Probably enough content for SEO, but maybe not the right kind of content that Google likes to see in the top ranking positions. So i figure PPC might be a better choice.

Regular page/Blogg
This one would be pretty perfect for SEO so no need to use PPC (but could be done of course).

This is what I think. And your velcome to correct me if I'm wrong.
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    I personally use both for squeeze page and sales page.. you just need to know the budget and time allocation when it comes to ppc and sEO. About the blog post, I think SEO is the organic traffic generator. Good.

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    if you can use PPC daily and make money daily, why would you not use it? ppc is immediate serp gratification, sometimes for under a $1 and sometimes over $3, depends on your niche. the top 3 serps are typically PPC, that you can buy. google frowns upon paid BLs but not paid top serp????
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      You would be surprised what can rank in Google...
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        Originally Posted by movemaker View Post

        You would be surprised what can rank in Google...
        Hah! Ain't that the truth.
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    PPC can be highly effective for large organisations who can sustain with the budget. Smaller companies need to go for SEO and later as they grow they can go for PPC too. Companies large or small want high natural rankings.
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    PPC should be used when you are looking for instant traffic! SEO is a good strategy when you want to continue ranking your website well in a very continues period of time!

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      Thanks for your answers!

      I'm about to set up a Squeeze page. But do you think I could use the organic search for that as well?
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        I have used both process. It's all depend on budget and time period. If you want instant traffic and would have enough budget then PPC would be fine for you otherwise SEO is best forever if you want organic result.
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          PPC gives quick results, but it is paid. So, before starting ppc you must know season / time which is useful for traffic/conversion. It also depends on your site business.
          SEO is always required for any site and always, which helpful to give traffic to your site.
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