Who can tell me how this website is ranking #2 on page 1?

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Hi all,

I am looking at this website; it ranks #2 on the first page of Google and when I analyze it with sitetrail I have not seen anything else like this.

I do not want to put the url out on this thread as I believe it to be a website of a member here on the forum however I don't remember who it was (otherwise I would have asked that person directly).

I am somewhat new and I am really curious to find out more about this so that I can learn more about how ranking and SEO can be approached as I start to build my own sites. I do not yet have enough posts to PM yet if you are interested in finding out what the site is and how they are ranking #2, you can send me a PM or contact me via skype.

I think that whoever looks at this site might also stand to benefit as the website owner appears to be using a unique way of getting such high rankings that I haven't seen or heard about yet on the forum. Alright, thanks everyone for your time!
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