Creating pages or blog posts? Which is better?

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Hi everyone,

I have been reading for weeks and am about to start creating my own micro-niche sites in addition to some larger niche sites all on Wordpress and I have not found a definitive answer to this question yet.

As I create a new site, I will create basic pages (Home, About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service etc).

Then, is it better to create individual pages with different topics from the niche (i.e. or to create individual blog posts instead? As I continue to add fresh content each day, will having it be in the form of new blog posts be better or different in any way from creating new pages? Or should I do both? I am trying to figure out this last piece of the puzzle as it is will be a basic component of building the sites. Thanks in advance for all of your help!
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    both have there own existence
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    Blog posts are pinged to a bunch of websites during publication. So they tend to be indexed a lot more quickly, as well as receiving a small boost in link juice from the pinging process.

    That being said, which is better depends on the theme that you are using. For example, the Thesis theme allows you to change the template (ie. no sidebars, etc) of pages but not posts. For that reason, I like to use pages for my best content, in case I want to remove the sidebar at some point.

    But that's really just one example. The functionality of posts and pages is different for each individual wordpress theme.
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    Since you've reading for weeks, I believed you have seen many silimar threads talking about this. Well, generally, most people build pages for contents like About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service etc., because we don't change them often.
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    The web pages about you are discussing; are main pages of any website so these are must to create.
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    Makes no difference whatsoever. Both structures are "pages" in the eyes of SERP bots.

    If you're using WP, take CMS functionality into consideration when making a choice. Although there are plugins to do pretty much anything you like with WP: add tags to pages, etc.

    You can ping your sitemap, not just posts. Solves that problem (not that indexing was ever an issue for me).
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    Both do have their own value and usages.

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    If you are posting fresh content that is the most important thing and that is what the search engines like to see. If you have a blog I would just do articles as posts. You can then update your pages every so often to keep the content looking fresh for those pages as well to the search engines.
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    @stone wilson I was going to ignore your sarcastic post however I just wanted to point out that if you actually read my initial post, I state that I will be making the site with those "About, Contact, etc" sections as pages. I then ask a question regarding the content that would come after creating those pages. Instead of contributing to this thread and the forum, making it a place for learning, you apparently feel the need to use sarcasm in a way that somehow serves yourself and helps nobody. What makes this place, this forum, such an amazing place is the selflessness and willingness to help of so many members here. I think you have the potential to help a lot of people and that attitude is only getting in the way of you helping others more and being able to develop more rewarding connections and networks with others here. Apparently you feel the need to be sarcastic for whatever reason and in the same time that it takes you to come up with witty comments that bring people down, you could be contributing more to help people. I know that I'm relatively new here yet I have seen that kind of approach you are using that's not genuine and somewhat spiteful for no apparent reason, take away from many different threads (other select members I've seen doing this not referring to you only) and move the focus from growing and learning to less beneficial areas. I have spent a lot of time reading in many different sections on this forum and when I used the search function with different combinations of the words blogs and pages I could not find a similar thread.

    I appreciate everyone's feedback as well as yours, however, if you can not try to knock people down and instead help them up with your words that would help to make this forum a better place, capiche?

    Perhaps you can elaborate on your response a little bit more, by telling me what other differences there are, if any, between pages and posts on a WP CMS. I am thinking that I am going to follow Caleb12's suggestions unless anyone else has any other ideas regarding the differences/advantages/disadvantages to either. Thanks again everyone.
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    It really depends on your goals. It is a simple blog or a niche website?

    In WP, "posts" are "pages" that are categorized/archived by default and have "tags" attached to them. If you have use for category pages and/or archives - go with posts. If not, then using pages may be a better idea.

    Try to visualize your website using a pen and a piece of paper: use stuff like homepage -> category -> post, etc. Now, do you have use for all of those "structures" or not really?
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    I would say they are going to be simple niche websites for the most part. I am also planning on doing a few more developed sites with continuous articles and posts.

    @bnetwork, what is the significance of the "tags" and do they make much of a difference? Your comments are helpful btw, thank you.
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      Originally Posted by InTh3Moment View Post

      I would say they are going to be simple niche websites for the most part. I am also planning on doing a few more developed sites with continuous articles and posts.

      @bnetwork, what is the significance of the "tags" and do they make much of a difference? Your comments are helpful btw, thank you.
      tags create duplicate content/pages that offer no real value (in most cases). So no index them if you can
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