Should I let google index my product pages for my affiliate site?

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I need some advice regarding one of my affiliate sites.

What the site does, it pulls xml data from products (from about 20 sites), joining them together into a resource, ordering them by price, reviews, etc.
Its actually an useful site to the visitors, web 20 signs, comments are positive.

The problem where I need advice:

Right now, I use a php page called products which is set to noindex which dynamically shows the product info that a user clicked on (from my index or category page).

So my site has about 5 pages indexed, the index one and the categories.

After the recent penguins and pandas I have noticed similar sites ranking very well (affiliate sites with hundreds of pages).

The question is:

Should I let the product pages be indexed? My site would have about 500 pages with individual titles.

1. duplicate content (which I'm not so sure, since it's not duplicate on my site); plus, with genuine comments and some headlines I could make each page more unique.

2. low quality pages, since many of my 500 product pages won't have backlinks.

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    Firstly what I would do is work on raising the pagerank of the site, get it as high as possible. You want in Google's eyes to be a trusted source, not an auto generated splog pumping out hundreds of pages. Once you do this and let Google index the pages you will be able to test when they do a refresh of Panda if you've been affected or not, otherwise it would be hard to tell.

    Secondly do a proper analysis of your web pages, run it through copyscape, exactly how unique are they? the code and other content on your site will help to reduce offsite duplication. Perhaps adding a blog and having some sort of summary appear in the sidebar. Also manually adding some unqiue content will help, even if it's 100 words, your content needs to be at least 50% unique.
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    Ty for replying... From your experience is offsite duplication really matter? User Mike Friedman said it isn't in one of it's post on another thread I have started. The duplication should be reduced in time because of the comments. Also each page has a few custom headlines.
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    It probably isn't as bad as onsite duplication but still if it's not unique enough and you start pumping out loads of pages similar to what an autoblog does, then you could have issues.

    If it's a small amount of data and your site has a decent authority then you might just get by, but you do need something else of value, if you can do this then you have nothing to worry about because people will want to come to your site and check out the content.

    I suggest again trying to raise your pr alittle, then start with Facebook promotion and improving your social signals, if users are leaving reviews then you will have no shortage of traffic with a good fb page, then you role out more aggressively over time. I really wouldn't pump out hundreds of pages like this overnight with no pagerank or signals to justify it.
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