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Hey guys, just a quick question. Just got a new client that got referred to me for some SEO work. He received "unnatural links" in the webmaster tools on the July 1st. Rankings haven't dropped yet. Since I never dealt with this message before, how long does it usually takes for rankings to drop? I just don't want to start any work until I see how the rankings get effected.
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    Anywhere from a few days to never.
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      Originally Posted by MikeFriedman View Post

      Anywhere from a few days to never.
      Exactly - there's very little pattern. Sometimes the drop follows quite quickly and sometimes doesn't happen at all. Sometimes it's for a few keywords and sometimes it's for most of the kw's. Brand will still rank no matter what.

      I've had many of these messages and got a few revoked; you have to remove as many of bad links as possible and submit a reconsideration request.

      In the next few months Google will roll out a disavow feature in Google webmaster tools where you can list bad links you don't want to be associated with - this should help with these matters and should put an end to negative seo.
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    ^Got ya. I guess I'll wait and see if anything happens.
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    Looking forward to when google does this as one of my recent clients has some pretty crappy links in their profile...

    I have never received this warning as of yet....

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    you gotta remove the crappy links ASAP.

    remove paid link schemes and any artificial links.
    after all links are cleaned up you will want to file reinclusion request.

    DO NOT file before you clean up these bad links or youll lose the opportunity.
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      Things are very funny
      In my case I never received any WMT warning and I know I made tons of forced links by making comments on blogs and directories submittals.

      Though when Penguin arrived, it devasteted my site.
      Perhaps my inlinks should "look" natural, tough I exagerated on the keywords and bad neighborhood.
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    Many says about unnatural link warning and drop in traffic after penguin. But until now did not shown me... I have link from forums signature.. is it will be considered as unnatural links
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    Almost everyone who gets that message gets wacked if they do not do something about it. Bad links can be hard to remove. TolyZ, the good thing is that the client cannot blame you for a drop in their rankings.
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