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I get really confused whenever I look at webmaster tools. It states that a couple of my keywords are ranked (Avg. Position) 4.0 and 12. Yet, they are nowhere near these positions. In fact, they are nowhere to be found. I was getting impressions on the first day my website was set up, but as I've continued to add content (30 additional pages) I've had absolutely no impressions for the past few weeks.

It's kind of demoralising, as I have no idea if I am on the right path, and am unsure if I should even continue with this website. I'm not asking for a huge amount of traffic as a sign, but just some sort of indication, however little it may be, that I'm doing the right thing. I've had very very little traffic (I've somehow managed to earn £4 from 2 clicks though), and I'm thinking that after 1 month I should have at the very least 5 visitors a day!

Any words of wisdom/encouragement?

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    Webmaster Tools will show some wacky numbers for new sites sometimes. If you aren't getting impressions for those keywords they definitely aren't accurate.

    You must be going after slightly difficult keywords. Keep at it and eventually you'll brake through. I've had sites go 3-5 months without getting any real traffic from Google. Hard keywords take time.

    If you can go after some longtail you might be able to get a little traffic, feel better about your progress.

    I don't know how much link building you are doing or traffic you are building but whatever it is, do more of it. It'll happen if you want it bad enough.
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    There can be a range of reasons that WMT are showing different results to what you are looking at when you do a manual SERP check.

    You probably already know to ensure you're not seeing personalized SERPs when you perform a manual search, so I won't go into details on that part.

    You do need to make sure you're looking at same data in WMT that you're manually searching for on Google.

    Within WMT -> Search Queries you'll notice a button labeled 'Filters'. Click on it.

    Select the type of search results you're checking manually - eg Web, Mobile, Image etc.

    Select the country you're checking SERPs for under Location.

    Once you've clicked the Apply button, you will now have a historical view of your SERPs for the same type and country you've been manually looking up.

    The WMT results are slightly rounded, and they're from the past (usually only up to 2 days ago), but this will be much closer to what you want.

    This space will be awarded to the first WSO owner who can prove they make Million$ from their methods.

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    Since the beginning WMT report was not correct..all SERP position, clicks, impression and evern BL counts not accurate.. use WMT only for submitting sitemap, robot.txt
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      Originally Posted by shakir View Post

      Since the beginning WMT report was not correct..all SERP position, clicks, impression and evern BL counts not accurate.. use WMT only for submitting sitemap, robot.txt
      He said some not all were incorrect. WMT is the most reliable data you can get.
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    yes. I also have same issues. I think the problems were occurred for only new sites.
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    Webmaster tool always is a lazy tool.
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