Do unlinked pages affect SEO?

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My database is getting huge and hard to manage on my ecommerce site, slowing it down.

I have allot of products indexed in google who are not relevant anymore. Some of them earn a little ad revenue though.

I am thinking of not linking them from anywhere in the site but not delete them in case they become relevant again.

Would this affect the overall SEO of the site? more importantly, will there be a google penalty for having unlinked pages from anywhere in the site?

P.S.1 I know that if I unlink pages, the pagerank carried disappears, but the pages don't have much power.

P.S. 2 For the technical curios - I won't keep them on my main database but generate them on the spot using xml.

Thank you!
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    Just because you stop linking to the page DOES NOT mean that it will become deindexed. If you're concerned about low quality pages affecting your domain's SEO, why don't you just add a no-index tag. That's the only sure fire way to remove the page from Google's index.

    That way, you can easily remove the "noindex" tag if the product(s) become relevant again.
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