Anyone noticed Adsense CTR decreased?

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I've been steadily increasing traffic to a site of mine, which is coming up to a year old. At first, my CTR was very high - around 6%. Now I am barely making 1%, even though my traffic is increasing naturally through SEO.

Someone told me that some browsers are now blocking Adsense - is this true?


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    You're assuming that things are static. They're not. Things are very dynamic. Advertisers come and go, so I doubt you are showing ads from the same advertisers today as you did a year ago.

    Others become smarter and have better ads. That's not likely your problem as you experience a decrease. However, if advertisers notice clicks from your site don't produce good returns, they'll stop advertising to your site.

    You say your traffic has increased. Maybe it's just not as targeted as it used to be. Maybe much of your traffic is repeats, the same people and are not clicking ads as much.

    I believe there are Adsense blockers out there. Seems to me that should have the reverse effect on CTR. Less impressions that don't click.

    You may have simply made changes to your site that make ads less obvious.
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    I agree with Lucid. There are so many variables that affect CTR... things are never static! I have a site that was consistently seeing $1 CPC now its up to $3 without me doing anything different. The only difference now is that one particular advertiser is targeting my site.
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    Thanks guys. I hadn't thought of the actual advertisers in that way, so this is useful.

    Jodie Smitham

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    I really wonder if its worth anyone's time to try to make money from adsense.

    I feel that there are so many better alternatives.
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    off topic..

    but my adsnese doesn't show up on any of mmy sites anymore, and ive been earning $0 now for a month. have i been banned?
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