How to increase the page rank of the website?

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Hello Guys,

Please let me know how to increase the page rank of the website?
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    Blog Commenting
    Forum Posting
    Social Book Marking etc
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    • Try to get quality links from established sites that are related to your content. Write guest posts for other blogs and share relevant content on social media sites. Participate in forums related to your niche and include a link in your signature.
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    Marry a Google employee.
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      Page Rank is basically effected by the number of Dofollow backlinks from high quality website along with fresh content.
      You should focus on getting links from website of your niche.
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    many many backlinks from high PR /authority sites will boost the PR of your site.. but these days PR isn't of much emphasis. I give priority to Search engine traffic... When traffic comes PR comes by default
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    Do-follow blog commenting helps a lot to increase page rank..But other factors are also consider by google at the time of update
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    Get a quality and relevant back link from trustful website and put good quality and original content in your website's article section and get back link from there.
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      Bookmarks really help to increase the page rank.
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    Do Submit Directory Submitting Page Rank Will be Increasing
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      Get links from unique domains, better if they also have some PR and less outbound links. To achieve this go for blog commenting, forum posting. Always try to be relevant and be in your niche.
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    do onpage and offpage SEO, rich your website by posting useful relevant and obviously unique contents for your site visitors. Post at least 3 contents per weak in your website and finally build natural backlinks for your site daily.
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    i think you should quality work on your sites high pr backlinks.
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    PageRank updates about once every three months. People have come up with ways of trying to predict what your PageRank is likely to be at the next update and although no one can tell for sure the guys at Iwebtool have come up with a pretty good prediction tool.
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    Blog commenting,Article submission,Forum posting,Social bookmarking are the ways.Get links from unique domains and do participate in sites having high page rank.
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  • Forum posting links,Blog commenting,Social book marking and web 2.0 links thats enough
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    To increase PR you have build high PR dofollow links. It'll take time to achieve it because google only update PR once or twice in a year.
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    Originally Posted by matthewalbertson View Post

    Hello Guys,

    Please let me know how to increase the page rank of the website?
    I got PR 1 from PR 0 within 2 months without creating any links. Just consistently write content for my site and publish it on the site and share those article links on all social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Around 170 post indexed in Google in those 2 months. Yes you have to build links also but updating content is the main things for me. So update your site with unique content regularly. And also build high quality link using various source. You will get the result....
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    does it mean that for your page rank to increase you have to do SEO? What usually cause decrease in Page Rank?
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    high quality niche related backlinks is the best way to increase the page rank
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    according of Google post your link high and relevant site its a best technique of increase Page rank
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      Get quality back link from recognized high PR website related to your site theme and also I suggest you to work on site traffic if traffic will come on your website then PR comes by default.
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    To increase page rank you should be need quality back links, and the quality content is also helpful for increase page rank, do social bookmarking,directory submission, article submission, blog posting,blog commenting you can increase page rank.
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    Firstly, why are you so obsessed about PR ? Generally it grows with time, but various techniques can also be used to increase it. Try getting more traffic to your niche and your PR will be increased.
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    Submit to Social Media sites & high PR press release sites will help to increase traffic. Linkedin and Facebook are the most reputed social media sites. Create a personal group in both the sites and add new people & start interaction with them. Create a huge followers lists. Post news, article, jobs to your group. Participate in the discussion of the group.
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    The rules have changed, you need variation in your links, however I have found that social networking i.e. twitter, facebook, google+ has bumped me up the rankings. Also you need to post often, try adding some curated content with links both in and out of your blog. Sharing is the buzzword online - share and you will be shared!
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    The best way to increase page rank is quality relevant backlinks, no way around that.
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    You should use back link poster need to viral your website.
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    First thing you need to do is to increase your website visitors and get quality backlinks, then the very important thing is that you must wait patiently.
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    Create a lot of backlink by commenting on famous blog that link back to your site

    Submit articles to article websites

    Put signature in the forum you joined ...
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    Page rank of the website can be increased through Social Bookmarking submission and through article submission.
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    You can get increase page rank and viewers traffic with effective link building techniques. There are several method of link building. They are given below -:

    01. Forum Submission
    02. Social bookmarking submission
    03. Directory Submission
    04. Classified ads posting
    05. Guest Posting
    06. Blog Commenting
    07. Blog Posting
    08. Dir Submission
    09. Yahoo answering
    10. Unique Content Writing.
    11. Strong Link Building.
    12. Spreading Right Keyword.
    13. Blog Writing and Submission.
    14. Social networking.
    15. Article submission
    16. Press release submission.
    You start with Do follow sites.
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    Great tips already by awesome warriors!

    The only thing I would add is to consistently build "Homepage High PR Backlinks" when it comes to strong links that will really boost your PR these are great.

    An additional cool technique you can implement as well:

    -Search on Google for the keyword/s you are targeting in your website then check out the top 50 rank sites for it and see if there is a way to get a link back from them or contact them for a link.

    -Google considers these sites to be relevant to the keyword and when they see a link back to your site they will give you a boost in the serps and of course if these sites have nice PR then you will get that benefit as well.

    Hope that helps!

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    Create lots of backlinks to your site. Submit your article to article directories and bookmark them.

    You can take a look at my sig if you are interested...
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    Hello Matthew,

    The hard work and effort put in to bringing your website to the top is worth the effort. You should focus on building quality links to your website. Backlinking is the way to get high rank for your website. There are many methods by which you can create quality backlinks for your website. The best among them are listed below.

    Increase Your Website Rankings By Building Backlinks To Your Website

    1.Forum Submission

    One of the ways to build backlinks is to join forums, most especially forums with a section associated to the same market as your website. Then post on these forums.

    2.Social Media

    Joining reputable Social Media websites like Facebook and others as this is a great way to increase your rankings. Create a video about your site on YouTube.

    3.Directory Submissions

    List your website in as many directories as possible so people searching these directories for your product or service can find you.


    Do as much Guest Posting, Blog Posting, and Blog Commenting you have time for. This will build decent backlinks for your website.


    Unique content should be added, or the existing content updated at least once a week. Remember search engines want to deliver the best search results to their users.


    Focusing on using precise quality keywords is one of the most important factors to increase your ranking.

    Don’t build links around just one phrase, use a variety on your website.

    Avoid links with anything connected to spam.

    Put these methods in to use and you should see positive results.
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    PageRank is completely based on incoming links and doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of content on the website. So to increase your site’s pagerank, you need to acquire links from authority domains with good amount of PR.
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  • PR takes a long time, and needs a lot of work to be done. In simple terms popularity, relevancy, regularity, diversity (links) would get higher PR
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      Originally Posted by webrankingseoservices View Post

      PR takes a long time, and needs a lot of work to be done. In simple terms popularity, relevancy, regularity, diversity (links) would get higher PR
      That's a lie. It doesn't take long at all. Just depends on backlinks. Relevancy, regularity, diversity... all BS too.

      PR passes through backlinks. End of story.
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    Dear Matthew, Page Rank does not help you too much with your website. Rather concentrate on creating engaging content and drive traffic to your website. Ultimately relevant traffic is the key to the success of any website and Page rank is just a mere acknowledgement from Google that you are being linked from quality and relevant websites. Once you have good content on your website, you will start acquiring backlinks naturally, without going for that.
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